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STS Honors Information Session
Are you interested in learning more about the STS honors program?  Have you thought about research but didn’t know how to take it further? Are you wanting to build your academic portfolio to showcase your expertise, knowledge and skillset to potential employers and graduate programs? 

Join us at the STS Honors program information session(Chipotle lunch will be provided) with Honors Program Director, Dr. Sato to learn more about how you can create your own research project! The STS Honors program is open to all majors! RSVP HERE! 
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | 12:00-1:00 | 200-124
No Belles: Legends of Women in Science
 "No Belles" is a performance of the stories of women scientists who have and have not received the Nobel Prize. A significant disparity in our society is the number of women pursuing careers in STEM. An oft-cited reason for this imbalance is the lack of good role models.  The Portal Theatre group's "No Belles" makes visible the significant contributions of women in science and serves as a powerful catalyst for increased interactions between the sciences and the community.  Notably, a performance of “No Belles” was hosted by the ACS in 2017 at the Fall National meeting as an adjunct to a symposium on the underrepresentation of women in chemistry.  It is outlined in CE&N’s Sept 11 2017 edition.   
The Silicon Valley and California Sections of the American Chemical Society are teaming up to host performances of “No Belles” on six college campuses around the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas in October.  The Stanford Libraries and the Stanford Chemistry Department are the local hosts bringing you "No Belles". Read more.
Monday, October 15, 2018 | 4:30PM-7:00PM | Sapp Center Auditorium (Room 111)
The Impact of Technology on Clinical Trials: Will AI and Mobile Create Cures Faster?
Bringing a new medical treatment or drug to market often takes years and costs billions of dollars, and clinical trials usually present the biggest sinkhole — by some estimates, up to 20% of a $65B industry. As medical expenses skyrocket, several startups working on AI and other emerging technologies aim to revolutionize or, in some cases, even replace the clinical trial process.

These new technologies promise to get the right cure to the right people at the right time, simply because they decrease the time to market and expenses involved in clinical trials — while also reducing the frustration that so many patients feel about their treatment options. Can these technologies find the right participants for clinical trials? Will these new innovations reverse the trend of rising health costs? How can AI provide a “shot in the arm” for the clinical trial industry?
Monday, October 15, 2018 | 6:00PM-8:30PM | Stanford Faculty Club
2018 CISAC Annual Drell Lecture
Alex Stamos, William J. Perry Fellow in International Security, visiting scholar, Hoover Institution, and former chief security officer of Facebook, will be delivering a lecture titled The Battle for the Soul for the Internet. This is a public lecture co-sponsored by Hoover Institution. Space is limited, please arrive early to secure a seat. The Drell Lecture is an annual endowed lecture named for Sidney Drell, CISAC's founding science co-director.  Read more.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | 4:30PM-6:00PM | Hauck Auditorium, David & Joan Traitel Building, Hoover Institution
Discover Funding Opportunities and Grant Awards
Learn about search strategies and key resources to help you identify funding opportunities and view grants awards for a research area. This session will introduce you to a search tool that lets you search multiple funding resources at one time and set up alerts to notify you about new funding opportunities. This workshop is limited to current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford. Advanced registration required.  Read more.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | 11:00PM-12:00PM | Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library
AI for Culturally Relevant Interactions
 The practical and responsible limits of artificial intelligence are still in their early stages of development.

A better understanding of the relationship between identity, culture and AI technologies can lead to dramatic improvements in how consumers, students and patients relate to information and to content, devices and services. A deeper understanding of cultural traditions, history, and relevance can have a broad and far-reaching impact on the interactive technologies of the future, particularly in conjunction with storytelling and narrative elements. Read more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 | 9:00AM-4:00PM | Mackenzie Room
What is Your Problem? The Importance of Problem Storming for Crossing Knowledge Boundaries
Join Hila Lifshitz-Assaf from NYU for a seminar on problem-solving. We have long believed that the way a problem is formulated is crucial to the way it is solved, and that innovative solutions often stem from reframing a problem. However, since problem formulation and problem-solving are two intertwined phases that have been all but impossible to tease apart, our knowledge of problem formulation proper has hardly advanced in the last few decades. The recent rise of distributed model of innovation, such as crowdsourcing, decouples the problem formulation process from the problem solving one. This presents an opportunity to shed light on the problem formulation process and investigate its true impact on problem-solving. I have conducted two studies in this direction. The first was a longitudinal inductive research project exploring the process of solving strategic R&D problems at NASA when using simultaneously the distributed crowdsourcing model and the standard organizational one. I find that some hard scientific and technological problems were solved through a process of “problem storming” in the distributed model. This process included questioning the current formulation of the problem and reformulating it in a way that can be solved by to other disciplines, professions and solution heuristics, outside usual knowledge boundaries. Problems that went through “problem storming” had more successful solutions. My second study was a field experiment with multiple R&D managers from various companies to investigate the impact of distributing the “problem storming” process to make it more impactful for organizations. I will share the results from these studies in my upcoming talk. Read more.
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 | 4:00PM-5:30PM | 3rd Floor Conference Room, John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn Building
Rooted Words Reading Series: "Small Mercies"
Rooted Words is a community reading series, emerging from the Earth Systems Program and the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences. We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each quarter under a spreading oak tree at the O'Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm. Students, staff, faculty, friends and community members are all welcome and encouraged to bring a short piece of their own writing to read aloud (5 minutes or shorter please) or to simply come and enjoy listening to others read from original prose, fiction, poetry, journalism, science writing, and more. All genres and all people welcome.  Read more.
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 | 5:00PM-7:30PM | O'Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm
Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century: Education and Activism 50 Years After the Non-Proliferation Treaty  
Interested in learning about nuclear weapons in today's world? How can government, nonprofits, and Stanford students work together to make the world safer? The Stanford Nonproliferation Activism Project (SNAP) is hosting a nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament symposium on Friday October 19th at 2pm in Paul Brest Hall. Read more. Featuring:

William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense

Siegfried Hecker, former Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory

Philip Yun, COO of Ploughshares FundUndergraduate Researchers

Friday, October 19, 2018 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Paul Brest Hall


STS 186 Student Work Published

Henry Etzkowitz and STS 186 students recently published an article analyzing the "state of the art" of Stanford University's development as an entrepreneutial university, to include policy recommendations for future development.


 Govern for America Fellow

The Govern for America Fellowship is a highly selective program that places high-performing recent graduates in key roles in state governments across the nation for two years of accelerated growth. As a Fellow, you’ll work on strategic priorities and innovative projects directly with state leaders and bring your skills to bear on the most pressing challenges facing our communities. Govern for America Fellows work at the intersection of policy and practice in a fast-moving environment where new challenges and experiences are the norm. Whether you’re fighting the opioid epidemic, developing resilient communities, or building the 21st-century workforce, you’ll spend each day tackling the biggest issues of our time. Read more.
Design/Project Management Assistant/Intern

We are looking for a project design/ project management intern to help in project design & management, create reports, and conduct research. Experience and education in a related field is important with an emphasis on experience in multi-family housing projects. Applicants must be efficient at multi-tasking, focused and self-motivated, comfortable with decision-making and working under pressure, able to collaborate effectively with others, detail oriented, widely skilled, and capable of prioritizing. Read more.

Summer 2019 NFL Agency Internship

Athletes First is a full-service sports agency located in Laguna Hills, CA with over 150 clients including NFL players, NFL and NCAA coaches, personnel and broadcasters.

Athletes First is seeking interns to assist our agency during our three seasonal internship sessions per year. Interns must be hardworking, detail oriented and have a passion for football. They will be involved in all facets of the agency and play a pivotal role in day to day operations. Interns assisting in our office will often be asked to do a variety of tasks including recruiting research for agents, marketing and endorsement research and assisting our client relations team with tasks as assigned. Read more.

Associate Environmental Services Specialist

The San José Environmental Services Department (ESD) is responsible for the management of solid waste collection and recycling; watershed protection and pollution prevention; municipal drinking water and recycled water; community sustainability initiatives, and the operation and infrastructure improvements of the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility. ESD's mission is to deliver world class utility services and programs to improve our health, environment, and economy. Read more.
Healthy Neighborhoods Intern

The San Mateo County Health System is seeking a dedicated and hardworking Healthy Neighborhoods graduate-level intern to join the Health Policy and Planning (HPP) team, a program within the Public Health, Policy and Planning Division. The HPP Internship Program is designed to provide work opportunities and practical learning experiences in public health, policy, planning, and research, with an emphasis in health equity and place-based primary prevention. Read more.
Additional job and internship postings can be found at Handshake.

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