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This holiday season, we ask you to help save the homeless pets of FC
This holiday season, we ask you to help save the homeless pets of FC
Franklin County Humane Society
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Dear Friend of the Franklin County Humane Society,
734 cats and dogs! Can you imagine taking care ofthat many pets in one year? Well, that’s what the Franklin County Humane Society (FCHS) did in 2020. In 2021, we’ve already taken in 650 animals, with more arriving every day, so it looks like we’ll surpass last year’s numbers.
Cases that pull at heartstrings
Sadly, many of the animals that we rescue are in desperate need of extensive medical help. Some of our hardest cases include a kitten with a mangled jaw, 6 mange-infested puppies who were abandoned in Tate’s Hell State Forest, an emaciated black lab left in the woods to die, and several dogs rescued from meth houses by the Franklin County Sheriff.
Our caring staff performs miracles
Although damaged and unwanted animals come through our doors every day, our staff and volunteers provide superior and loving care. In fact, we are proud to share that our shelter has a 95% live release rate, which is higher than many urban and suburban shelters across the country. Success, however, comes with a price. That’s because every animal we receive undergoes a thorough medical examination (see more in Karen’s letter below). Each is given appropriate vaccinations and parasite control, spayed or neutered, bathed, and settled into comfortable housing. Some even require more extensive care at the veterinarian’s office.
Your support saves animal lives
Of course, the shelter would be unable to carry out this important work without your continuing support. That’s why this holiday season, I’m asking you to help our mission to save the homeless pets in our county.
Here’s how to help!
Your generosity helps change lives for our homeless pets. Donate $250 or more and get a FREE FCHS t-shirt OR a customized plaque in remembrance of a loved one or beloved pet to hang on our new “Rainbow Bridge Memorial” at the shelter (see more about this below).
FCHS is a nonprofit 501c3, so donations are tax deductible. Donate these ways:
  • DROP OFF OR MAIL A CHECK: Bring your donation to Franklin County Humane Society, 244-FL 65, Eastpoint, FL 32328. Or send your donation to Franklin County Humane Society, PO Box 417, Eastpoint, FL 32328

  • DONATE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE: Go to and use the PayPal link at the bottom of our home page. It’s quick and easy.

  • GIVE AT LOCAL DONATION JARS: Look for donation jars located at merchants around Franklin County. Dig into your pockets because every dollar helps a suffering animal.

Bud Hayes
President of FCHS
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Dear Friends of Franklin County Humane Society,

It’s hard to believe the holidays are almost here again. During the past year the Franklin County Humane Society has been busy taking in a seemingly endless parade of homeless cats and dogs. Thanks to your generous donations we are able to give every dog and cat a thorough medical exam and appropriate vaccines and medications upon arrival. Here are the steps for every new animal.
dog receiving medical exam


Every dog and cat that arrives at our shelter is weighed and given a physical exam. Each animal is tested for intestinal parasites and given dewormer as well as being deflead. All dogs are given a blood test to check for heartworms. All cats are tested for Felv (Feline Leukemia) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).
dog getting medical attention


Dogs who test positive for parasites need expensive treatment to kill these deadly pests. All pets are fully vaccinated and receive their rabies vaccine. All pets are spayed and neutered prior to release.
Pet bath


Every dog is given a bath and all cats and dogs are provided with a safe and comfortable place to live while in our care.
dog with two children


Of course, the ultimate goal with all our cats and dogs is to find them a great forever home. We’re always thrilled when we can place a once homeless pet into the arms of a loving family.

Introducing the Rainbow Bridge Memorial

We’re proud to announce our Rainbow Bridge Memorial at the entrance to the Franklin County Humane Society. Our memorial plaques honor your favorite pets (pets do not have to have been adopted from our shelter). You can also remember special people who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. And you can honor a living person who loves and supports pets.
Honor a loved pet or person with a plaque that will proudly hang on our Rainbow Bridge Memorial. Get a memorial plaque for a $250 donation. Each 6-x-12-inch plaque will be customized with the words of your choice in white letters on a dark green background.
Download, print and fill out the form here. Your memorial can be up to 4 lines at 50 characters per line maximum. When finished, the plaque will be displayed at the Rainbow Bridge Memorial at the FCHS. (We’ll send you a photo of your plaque once it is hung. Or you can stop by and see it in person.) Or, we can mail the plaque to you for display in your own home or garden. Below are plaque samples: ”In Memory Of” plaques for pets and people who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and “In Honor” plaques for living supporters of pets and the FCHS.
Again, thank you all for helping us care for these disenfranchised animals.
We wish you the happiest of new years.


Karen Martin
Post Office Box 417 • Eastpoint, Florida 32328 • (850) 670-8417
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