Canvas and Zoom access will require Duo starting on your assigned deadline.
Canvas and Zoom access will require Duo starting on your assigned deadline.
University of Oregon

Prepare now for your Duo deadline.

UO does Duo: Two-Step Login with Duo Security
Dear UO student,
To protect your Duck ID account, you will soon be required to start using Duo, the University of Oregon's two-step login service.
This simple yet powerful security tool is already used by thousands of UO students and all faculty members, staff, and graduate employees. If the Duck can do Duo, so can you!

Your Duo Deadline

You've been assigned a mandatory Duo enrollment deadline this term. Starting on your deadline:
  • Duo will be required for access to protected UO services such as Canvas, Zoom, UOmail, and Microsoft applications.
  • If you haven't yet registered a device for Duo, you'll be prompted to do so on your next login.
  • You must complete the Duo registration process before you can attend remote classes in Canvas or Zoom.
Deadlines are based on the last digit of your 95 number (UO ID number), except for students in the School of Law:
  • April 7: Last digit 1 or School of Law
  • April 14: Last digit 2
  • April 21: Last digit 3 or 4
  • April 28: Last digit 5
  • May 5: Last digit 6
  • May 12: Last digit 7
  • May 19: Last digit 8
  • May 26: Last digit 9
  • June 2: Last digit 0

Register a Device for Duo

We strongly encourage you to register a device for Duo before your deadline. It takes just a few minutes!
  • The Duo Mobile app for your smartphone is the most popular option.
  • Other options include tablets, basic cell phones, landlines, and specific hardware tokens.
  • If you need a hardware token, please contact the Technology Service Desk as soon as possible.

How Duo Works

  • When you log in to a protected UO service, Duo will prompt you to confirm your identity using a secondary device.
  • Using the Remember me for 7 days option, most people will only have to do the verification step once per week (per browser or app, per device).
  • Duo empowers you to thwart the hackers. If you get a Duo push notification or phone call when you're not logging in, you can stop unauthorized use of your account by tapping "Deny" in the Duo Mobile app or "9" on a phone call.
  • Even after you graduate, you'll need to use Duo as long as you have access to protected UO services.

Learn More

Get Help

Contact the Technology Service Desk for tech support 6:00 a.m.–midnight every day, except UO breaks and holidays:
We're committed to making this experience as smooth as possible for you. If you have any questions about Duo, please contact the Tech Desk today.
Leo Howell
Chief Information Security Officer
Information Services, 1225 Kincaid St., Eugene, OR 97403
P: 541-346-4357  •
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