News and Updates from Kennesaw State UITS
News and Updates from Kennesaw State UITS

February 2021 

Updates to Microsoft Teams

Have Small Group Chats With Breakout Rooms

With the KSU community looking for ways to encourage meaningful discussion, there is a need for groups to break out into smaller discussion cohorts. Luckily, you can get just that with breakout rooms in Teams meetings. 
Organizers can learn how to set up breakout rooms via the Windows or Mac desktop app here.

You’ve Been Approved! 

Use the Approvals app in Teams to streamline requests and processes with teammates and partners. Create requests, view ones sent to you, a view all past approval requests in one place. 
Watch a quick video to get up to speed on how it all works.

Planner is Now Teams Task List 

Create and track work for your team with the new task publishing feature in the Tasks app of Microsoft Teams. 

Set the Scene with Together mode

There are new scenes for your next meeting in Together Mode! Take your team from the auditorium to a world of 8-bit pixels, a winter wonderland, or under the sea. To change the scene once you’re in Together Mode, select "Change Scene" in the bottom left corner of your meeting!

New Security Update to KSU-Issued Windows Devices

Windows workstations and laptops will soon have an additional security layer enabled. These changes will include:

1. All remote access (Remote Desktop Protocol and/or and Secure Shell) will require the use of the KSU VPN both on and off-campus.

2. Users will receive a prompt when an application is attempting to make changes to the computer, asking the user to enter their password to authorize the new or changing program to run.
Click here for VPN resources.

New Scan to Email Feature Coming to Campus Ricoh Printers

There is a new "Scan to Email" feature coming to campus Ricoh printers. This feature allows users to scan a document directly to an email account, rather than a network drive, allowing users more flexibility in where and on what device they can review their scanned document. The "Scan to Drive" feature will be decommissioned at the end of the Spring 2021 semester, but users are encouraged to take advantage of the "Scan to Email" tool as it offers an easy way to access scanned files for up to 30 days within an email message. Users who are not able to use "Scan to Email" are encouraged to reach out to the KSU Service Desk to find alternate solutions. All users are reminded to ensure the information they are sending is not sensitive or confidential. Learn more here

 Explore the FAQ section for more information.  

Keep Your Devices Up-to-Date

Be sure to periodically check your devices for necessary updates.  These essential software updates and patches ensure your device is stable and secure. This includes mobile devices (phones and tablets), desktop devices, and laptops.

KSU Service Desk Self-Service Online Portal Now Available

Did you know that users can now make a service request, find answers to common issues, or report a technical issue 24/7/365 using the KSU Service Desk's Self-Service Online Portal at

The Service Desk is Ready to Assist You

Kennesaw State University Service Desk is available to assist students, faculty, and staff with technology issues related to university-owned devices and university-supported software. 

KSU Self-Service Website:

Explore the CIO Insight Archives

Want to go back and explore old editions of the CIO Insight?  Visit the CIO Insight archives here.

University-Supported Software Documentation Library

The UITS Documentation Center is full of "How To" guides for campus-supported software.  Explore this online documentation library whenever you need it. Documents are kept up-to-date with the latest versions of software to ensure a frustration-free experience. 
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