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‘Top Docs’ explores relationship between COVID-19 and cancer
The latest edition of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs’ show addresses the link between COVID-19 and cancer from a number of important perspectives, including patient care, screening, and research – and it features Len Lichtenfeld, M.D., MACP, a deputy chief medical officer with the American Cancer Society (ACS).
Dr. Lichtenfeld discusses…
– How the pandemic has affected cancer care and/or screening
– What changes have taken place since the beginning of the pandemic
– A surge of activity in the southern and western states
– COVID-19’s long-term effects on cancer care and survival rates
– Whether cancer patients are more susceptible to COVID-19
– How cancer treatments and screening have been adjusted with COVID-19 
– Whether patients have forgone care because of COVID-19
– His biggest concerns surrounding COVID-19
– How the pandemic has affected cancer research
– How COVID-19 is affecting cancer patients and survival rates  
– His forecasts for the future
– How COVID-19 has affected ACS
Dr. Lichtenfeld is a leading authority on cancer care, research, and advocacy. He is a board-certified medical oncologist and internist who was a practicing physician for nearly 20 years.
This was Dr. Lichtenfeld’s fourth appearance on ‘Top Docs.’
ACS is a nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer. Established in 1913, ACS is organized into six geographical regions of both medical and lay volunteers operating in more than 250 regional offices throughout the U.S. Its global headquarters is in Atlanta.
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ACS National Cancer Information Center 800.227.2345 (treatment options, locate resources, etc. 24/7) 
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