Gen in Conversation, Sing for Earth Day and More Events
Gen in Conversation, Sing for Earth Day and More Events
22nd April 2022

Hello dear GEN community, 

It is with great pleasure that I share some news about our exciting lineup of events over the next few weeks, which I hope to see some of you at. 
Sing for Earth Day 2022

We are proud to partner with Sing For Earth which offers opportunities for communities to participate in process oriented song, music and dance, led by skilled facilitators to support the well being of people and the planet. This year’s events are raising funds to aid our work in helping ourselves, our communities and  supporting environments to flourish.

On Earth Day, the Sing For Earth collective are inviting people to join them in Stroud, UK, for a whole day of song, movement and dance workshops - running from 10:00 to 17:00 (BST), followed by an evening of live music and dance, starting at 19:30 (BST).

Date and time- 23rd-24th April 2022, 10:30-1:00 BST/11:30-2:00 CEST
LocationIn-person in Stroud, United Kingdom
Read more and get tickets here
GEN In Conversation: Communities of Care
The word ‘Community’ is everywhere and used with ease. Building community has become a go-to solution to our collective challenges, from climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, or the ‘loneliness epidemic’. A word used to bind a group of people with common experiences together, in reality, a community is as complex and nuanced as the people who make it.

What does it really mean to build a community of care? Is it a place, an organisation? Or is it a feeling or a set of relationships? What does it take to build a community and hold it together? What does it mean to be a community member? And what can you do when your community doesn’t see eye to eye?

Join us for a juicy discussion on the interconnected and complex definitions of community and caring, moderated by yours truly. Our panellists - Karen, Maymana and Shristee - are all working to revive, build or maintain their own communities, whilst asking what it means to really build communities of care. 

Date and time- 26th April 2022, 16:00-17:30 BST/17:00-18:30 CEST/20:30-22:00 IST
Location- Online
Read more and get tickets here
GEN in Conversation: Present and Future of Pastoralism- film screening and conversation 

Extensive livestock farming and nomadism are amongst the traditional livelihoods facing the greatest challenges in our times, with a continuous weakening and disappearance of herders, flocks and migration routes, amongst others. Their rich knowledge and practices are  being eroded by rapid socio-environmental changes and a multitude of factors, often without taking into consideration how such practices directly connect to sustainability, resilience and adaptability

In this online and in-person  event, coinciding with the start of the Marrakech Harvest Festival (Spring 2022), we will be screening the award-winning documentary ‘Ait Atta: Nomads of the High Atlas’, produced by Karma Motion and GDF. This will be followed by a conversation  about the present situation and the future security of pastoralism and transhumance with herders, NGO representatives and academics from the Mediterranean basin and beyond.

Date and time- 20th May 2022, 10:30-13:20 BST/ 11:30-14:20 CEST
Location- Online and in-person in Marrakech, Morocco
Read more and get tickets here
Welcoming new members to our team

The GDF and GEN team has expanded considerably over the past six months. It gives me great delight to introduce Hannah McGurk, Fayçal Lahrouchi and Simran Rawat. Hannah is GDF’s new Finance and Administration Coordinator, and Fayçal has joined us as a part time Social Media Manager. Simran has taken on the role of Communications Coordinator for GDF and GEN. All of them are fantastic additions to the ever-growing GDF family. 

Warmest wishes to you all in whatever corner of the world you are in, 

Nessie, GDF Co-director


Merelyn Valdivia (ALLSA 2015) shares with us the results of a study she has been collaborating on, titled 'Towards a roadmap for the scaling of Agroecology in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia: an analysis of current policies, programs, budgets and limiting factors'.

Please find below the list of publications for each country. Click on the links to see the reports.

A. Final Report: Analysis of current policies, programs, budgets and limiting factors

1. Final Report Peru

2. Ecuador Final Report

3. Colombia Final Report

B. Proposals for a roadmap for scaling up agroecology
In case you would like to organise a webinar around these results, please get in touch with Merelyn at 
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