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Happy Halloween and Happy Day-After-The Nats-Won-The World Series Day! 

Wow, that's a lot to fit into 48 hours. Add the expected streaming rain tonight, AND children eating more candy then they should because you feel bad that they can't go trick-or-treating, AND a lot of info about commuting...
I guess Strangers Things have happened in 48 hours, right? Sure!

2019 Walk & Ride Challenge Winners

This year's Walk & Ride Challenge competition was fierce but friendly, and our three top winning teams logged an amazing amount of steps! Thanks to all that participated this year, and please allow me to say thank you to our sponsors:  All Fired UpAMR Commercial Real EstateAmerican Society of Health-System Pharmacists, DonohoeGusto, Hilton Garden Inn - Bethesda, Strosniders, and Silver!

First Place: Happy Feet from Linowes and Blocher! 

The members of Happy Feet walked an average of 282,262 steps over the 3-week period.
Here, the winning team is pictured with Jeff Burton, Executive Director of the Bethesda Urban Partnership (far left), Deirdre Robinson of the Donohoe Companies and the Chair of the Bethesda Transportation Solutions Advisory Committee (second from right), and Kristen Blackmon, Director of Bethesda Transportation Solutions.
Second Place: Boogie and Move from Bergmann & Moore, LLC!
The members of Boogie and Move walked an average of 268,446 steps over the 3-week period.
Third Place: GTM Numero Uno from GTM Architects!

The members of GTM Numero Uno walked an average of 250,630 steps over the 3-week period.

Ride On Real Time Gets an Upgrade

Did you know that you can use an app to see where your Ride On bus is on its route? And that that app has been revamped to provide more accurate information? 
Well, now you do! 
But before you start looking for this app in...the place you usually get apps for your phone, I have to tell you something: you won't find it there! That's because it's web-based!
This doesn't mean that it won't work on your device, because it absolutely will! 
To access the app, click here or go to

Learn to Ride a Bike or Scooter!

"Hey! It's just like riding a bike, you never forget!"
Except that you do, or you haven't in a while and don't want your first time back in the saddle to be in city traffic, right?
You can learn to ride again this weekend at Montgomery College at WABA Adult Learn to Ride and Scooter Training!
The class starts at 10:00 am on Saturday, November 2 and will be meeting in the parking lot on the corner of Manakee Street and Hungerford Drive.
(It's says GO NATS!)
The lights above the letters are spelling out a message, so when a light blinks, look at what letter is below it! 
For those who don't watch Stranger Things, a show on's from a scene where a mom discovers a useful yet eerie way of communicating with someone who is missing. I can't tell you more because you need to watch the show on this rainy and spooky Halloween night. It also inspired our headline graphic this month.
For those who are impatient, it says "Go Nats!"
Heard on Twitter - I tried to call Bryce Harper, but there was NO RING!
Happy Halloween!
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