April 2021 Edition of the Mass Golf Monthly Newsletter for Women
April 2021 Edition of the Mass Golf Monthly Newsletter for Women
The Fairway Ladies of Franklin Park
WATCH: The Fairway Ladies of Franklin Park are all about bringing a diverse group of women together for the love of the game.
Spring Cleaning Golf Bag
READ: Do you know what's inside your golf bag? If not, it's time for a bit of spring cleaning.
Solheim Cup...Now You Know
WATCH: Need a quick overview of what the Solheim Cup is all about?
It's time to get schooled on the Rules of Golf, Course Rating and Slope, World Handicap System and lots of other information you may need to retain.
Rules of Golf
READ: Christine Veator, Rules Official and Board Member for Mass Golf, provides some helpful match play reminders.
Make the time to work on your physical fitness and to feed your mind. You deserve it and there are plenty of studies that show that you need it.
Outdoor Warmup
WATCH: Kathy Ekdahl demonstrates a series of outdoor exercises and stretches you can add to your routine before your round begins. 
Blueberry Peach Smoothie
TRY: A refreshing smoothie to start the spring season off right.
Titleist Golf Tips
WATCH: Titleist Staff Member Jennifer Hudson has a tip to help you ease back into your swing and make sure your body and club are in sync.
Become A Volunteer
VOLUNTEER: Learn more about the different ways to volunteer with Mass Golf and give back to the game.
Naomi's Post of the Month
READ: Check out Naomi's Post of the Month with topics ranging from goal setting to the female golf experience and so much more.


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