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New ‘Top Docs’ addresses Georgia Memory Net program  
The latest edition of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs’ show addresses Georgia Memory Net (GMN), which is a clinical and collaborative non-profit program that is dedicated to the early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s and related dementias.
The program features MAG member and GMN Senior PCP Core Faculty Advisor Ted Johnson, M.D., M.P.H. 
Dr. Johnson discusses… 
– Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias  
– Whether most people who have Alzheimer’s realize it
– If the number of cases of Alzheimer’s in Georgia is increasing
– The benefits associated with an early and accurate Alzheimer’s diagnosis
– How Georgia Memory Net supports physicians
– Georgia Memory Net’s assessment clinics and evaluations
– How physicians can refer patients to Georgia Memory Net 
– Georgia Memory Net’s community service educators 
Funded by the Georgia Department of Human Resources and managed by Emory University, GMN “provides primary care physicians with the resources they need to help Georgians experiencing memory loss or cognitive impairment get timely and accurate diagnoses…[it] provides initial support and education while linking Georgians dealing with Alzheimer’s and related dementias and their care partners with community resources that can provide ongoing support.”
GMN says that, “We are here to provide you with fast, accurate, and specific diagnoses for your patients who show signs of Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias (ADRD) in our nearby Memory Assessment Clinics.”
GMN was designed to be a “tool” and “partner” for physicians, one that can “handle the time-consuming dementia diagnoses for your busy practice so you can focus on what you do best – providing ongoing care for your patients.”
Dr. Johnson explains that, “Georgia Memory Net is available to any Georgian who wants to get an accurate and timely diagnosis for their memory loss at the local level, in their community.”
He adds that, “GMN’s memory assessment clinics are affiliated with diverse and outstanding health care systems and medical schools across the state of Georgia, and these patients go back to their local primary care physician with expert recommendations and a list of resources in their community.”
The first step in the GMN process is for a patient to discuss their memory concerns with their primary care physician, a conversation that could lead to a referral to one of the assessment clinics – which provide consultative services over two visits.
GMN stresses that, “A physician’s patients remain in their care. If they receive an ADRD diagnosis, they will receive a helpful care plan to guide them as they live with the disease. We’re here to support physicians, not supplant them.”
GMN’s state funding is the result of legislation that passed in 2017.
Contact with questions or to request a GMN ‘Welcome Kit.’
Dr. Johnson is board certified in internal medicine and geriatrics. Having joined Emory and the Atlanta VA in 1997, he is the Paul W. Seavey chair and the chief of the Emory General Internal Medicine Division and Chair of the Emory Family and Preventive Medicine Department. Dr. Johnson recently completed two terms on the Emory Healthcare Board of Directors. It is also worth noting that he directs the federally-funded Georgia GEAR (Geriatric Education and Aging Resources) Center. Dr. Johnson has a medical degree from Northwestern University.
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