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Featured Colleges of the Week

Wake Forest University

  • Location: Winston Salem, NC (358 miles)
  • Enrollment: 8,500
  • Programs of Study: 200+
  • Cost of Attendance 
    • Tuition & Fees: $57,634
    • Room & Board: $15,644
  • Athletics: NCAA Division I - Atlanta Coast Conference 
    • 16 programs
    • Mascot: Demon Deacons
    • Team Colors: Black & Gold
Wake Forest University

Tennessee State University

  • Location: Nashville, TN (155 miles)
  • Enrollment: 7,800
  • Programs of Study: 70+
  • Cost of Attendance 
    • Tuition & Fees: $13,356
    • Room & Board: $8,098
  • Athletics: NCAA Division I - Ohio Valley Conference 
    • 13 programs
    • Mascot: Tigers
    • Team Colors: Blue & White
Tennessee State University

University of Montevallo

  • Location: Montevallo, AL (197 miles)
  • Enrollment: 2,600
  • Programs of Study: 75+
  • Cost of Attendance 
    • Tuition & Fees: $25,254
    • Room & Board: $9,242
  • Athletics: NCAA Division II - Gulf South Conference 
    • 21 programs
    • Mascot: Falcons
    • Team Colors: Purple & Gold
University of Montevallo

"My College Experience"

Soddy Daisy High School Faculty & Staff share some thoughts on their own college experiences.

Charles McCall

  • College/University: Saint Louis University
  • Why did you attend this school: to study under a particular person available to undergraduates
  • Degree/Major: English, Theology
  • Minor: Latin, Psychology
  • Graduate Schools/Degrees: University of Chicago, M.A., M.Div
  • Extracurricular Activities: Fenced as an undergraduate, teaching assistant in graduate school
  • Favorite college memories: fellow classmates, discussions, exposure to well known professors
  • Favorite class/professor and why: Father Walter Ong-- a genius but genial and sacrificial
  • What do you know now that you wish you had known then: how much more I value money now than then, though I don't know if I would have changed my mind. I was offered a job on a Wall Street firm but had "grander" thoughts than wealth management. Now...wealth seems much more valuable
  • Best piece of advice for our current SDHS seniors: follow your dreams and remember that your "good" is always the enemy of your "best." 

Lisa Dunn

  • College/University: Bryan (UT at Knoxville for teacher certification, U of South Florida for PLTW IED certification, U of South Carolina for PLTW AED certification)
  • Why did you attend this school: Convenience
  • Degree/Major: Business
  • Minor: None
  • Graduate Schools/Degrees: Grand Canyon U/None...yet
  • Extracurricular Activities: None
  • Favorite college memories: Learning what I wanted to learn and sharpening my skills
  • Favorite class/professor and why: There was a professor who taught us common sense love for our students
  • What do you know now that you wish you had known then: School can be fabulous!
  • Best piece of advice for our current SDHS seniors: Get dual enrollment and AP credits instead of graduating early. You can earn a lot more in scholarship money with grades than you can earn working a minimum wage job for a few months, and you get more time in high school with the teachers than you will in college.

The Benefits of Community Colleges

For many, Community Colleges provide an inexpensive and convenient entryway into college. Watch this video from the College Board to learn more about other benefits of Community Colleges.

What Can You Do With a Business Degree?

"People with a Business degree say it prepares them for a number of jobs, since understanding how to start and run a profitable venture is a major plus in many careers."
Click the button below to learn more about the advantages of a Business degree.
Business Degree

Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships...

  • We have cataloged both scholarships and scholarship databases on Naviance for your convenience. Log in to Naviance, go to Document Resources, and then to either Local Scholarship Applications for Chattanooga area scholarships OR Scholarships 2020 for national and other scholarships.
  • The Soddy Daisy Hall of Fame Scholarship application period is January 7 - 31. More details on Naviance
  • The application process for several local (Soddy Daisy) scholarships will open in February 2020. We will be providing all the necessary information once Spring Semester begins in January.
  • Also, contact the Financial Aid office at the college you're planning to attend for more information on their scholarship process.
Use the button below to go to the Naviance homepage. All seniors should already have their login information. Contact Mrs. Martin or Mr. Stone if you need assistance logging in.
Naviance Home Page
  • January 14-16 - Finish Your FAFSA - Computer Lab 3rd Block
  • January 14 - Step - Up Rep on Campus
  • January 15 - Local 43 Rep on Campus
  • February 4 - Selective College Workshop
  • March 4 - Spring College Fair @SDHS

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