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A Monthly Briefing from Tipping Point
A Monthly Briefing from Tipping Point
Back in January, we highlighted a program called the Moving On Initiative. One of the Chronic Homelessness Initiative’s first investments, it’s designed to move people out of permanent supportive housing who no longer need acute support, and free up space for homeless individuals who do.
We’re pleased to report that to date, the program has housed 136 people and all of them are still in their homes. Housing 136 people is no small feat—it’s the equivalent of creating a new building in the middle of San Francisco in one year. Thank you to the many partners involved in successfully getting this program off the ground.
Read on for more news about the Moving On Initiative. We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress in months to come.
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CEO + Founder, Tipping Point Community

Snapshot: Moving On Initiative Early Success

Tipping Point’s early involvement in the Moving On Initiative helped bring together the right partners in the right way. Together with those partners, we’ve turned a long-discussed idea into a reality. The program is a collaboration between the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH), who funds and manages the program; the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA), who helps secure vouchers to pay for apartments; and Brilliant Corners, a nonprofit who finds the units and works with landlords.
The program would not be possible without two critical changes made to the system over the last year. Thanks to a rent study done by SFHA and the Mayor’s Office of Housing in 2017, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development  approved an increase in the value of a voucher by 35%. For example, a voucher for a studio apartment used to be worth $1,395—today, it is worth $2,014, making the value of the voucher high enough to be competitive in San Francisco’s private real estate market. In addition, Tipping Point, HSH, and SFHA helped create a policy that gives 350 vouchers annually to people who are ready to transition out of supportive housing and into their own homes.
To date, Tipping Point has invested $2.3 million in Brilliant Corners to help them start and scale their work in the City. This investment is leveraging more than $3.4 million of annual government subsidies to house San Franciscans, and we look forward to continuing the momentum in the months ahead.

Who's Making It Happen

Nicole McCray-Dickerson
“During the first year of the Moving On Initiative, we were building the pilot program, but today, we’re off and running—flying the plane, so to speak. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come with a lot of work and coordination. I look forward to pushing the Initiative even further in the years ahead.”
As Manager of the Housing Subsidy Programs for Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, Nicole McCray-Dickerson is responsible for managing programs that house people who are homeless or experiencing housing instability. After working for more than two decades at SFHA, Nicole has brought her experience with federal housing subsidies to HSH with a special focus on implementing the Moving On Initiative over the last year. 

What We're Reading

Programs similar to the Moving On Initiative have sprung up across the country. An article in The Atlantic features the importance of permanent supportive housing and an early version of a Moving On Initiative in New York City, which aimed to help 125 people move into independent housing within one year.

Chronic Homelessness Initiative Overview

There are approximately 2,100 people experiencing chronic homelessness on any given night in San Francisco. Tipping Point’s $100 million pledge marks the single largest private investment to address homelessness in City history.

Tipping Point takes a three-pronged approach to our impact goal. See here for more details. If you are receiving this email as a forward, subscribe here to receive this update monthly.
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