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 Volume 3     April 2013
Message from the Director
Partnerships: A Key to Success
On April 22, 2013 Rear Admiral Lee of the U.S. Coast Guard signed the document accrediting cgSARVA for use in decision making throughout the Coast Guard. This recent achievement is attributable to VACCINE's foundation built on partnerships. VACCINE currently has partnerships with over 40 agencies across North America and our close working relationships are instrumental in inspiring new research challenges, increasing the pace of our innovation, and ensuring transition to operationally fielded solutions. I sincerely value all of the time and effort that these busy indidivuals invest in working with us. Our relationships are true partnerships and all of our successes are joint successes!
In the particular example of our work with the U.S. Coast Guard, I want to thank Dr. Joseph DiRenzo, Chief of Operations Analysis, Atlantic Command, who initiated this relationship, Rear Admiral Michael Parks, LCMDR Matt White, and LCMDR Ben Maule who were our very first end-user parnters. As the project has grown, the Coast Guard CG-771 staff, with CMDR Kevin Hansen leading the team, along with the Research and Development Center have been invaluable partners. VIce Admiral Parker has been a strong supporter and provided many interesting challenges and opportunities. Additionaly, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with the USC CREATE Center of Excellence on several projects, as well as USCG PAR Operations Analysis, and personnel in Districts 1,5,8, and 9. 
As we move forward, I expect our partnerships to continue to be a key component of our operation and direction.

cgSARVA Receives Accreditation by United States Coast Guard
 In efforts to prioritize and efficiently manage the repair of boats and stations damaged by Superstorm Sandy, the U.S. Coast Guard has accredited a system called Coast Guard Search and Rescue Visual Analytics (cgSARVA) developed in collaboration with Purdue University.
The Coast Guard will officially accredit the system today (April 22) at its headquarters in Washington, D.C.
The cgSARVA tool was created by researchers at the Purdue-led center Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments, or VACCINE, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence.
"The accreditation is the first time anything produced by a DHS Center of Excellence has been verified and validated for use by the Coast Guard," said David Ebert, VACCINE director and Silicon Valley Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. "The cgSARVA tool can help DHS agencies and law enforcement agencies across the country."
The tool has enabled an interactive visualization, analysis and assessment of search-and-rescue missions completed by each Coast Guard station in hurricane stricken parts of New York and New Jersey.
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Analyzing Emerging Financial Risk
Everyday, hundreds of financial institutions work to minimize risk. Dr. William Ribarsky's group at University of North Carolina Charlotte has been focused on using visual analtyics to discover and investigate emerging risks in banking. Consumer credit risk analysis plays a significant role in stabilizing a bank's inveestments and maximizing its profits. Findind and assessing unforseen risk is of criticial importance to the fianancial industry. Due to the size and complexity of data involved in risk analysis, risk analysts are facing challenges in monitoring large amounts of data, comparing its geospaicial and temporal patterns, and developing appropriate management stratgies based on the correlation from multiple analysis perspectives.
In response to this challenge, we are developing exploratory methods to support analyst reasoning about and discovery of emerging risk. Resulting tools will even suggest possible analytic directions based on an understanding of analysts’ reasoning tasks and will keep track of and organize hypotheses and evidence gathered. The first tool developed in this partnership is RiskVA, an interactive visual analytics system that is tailored to support credit risk analysis. RiskVA supports looking at stability factors over time for business and customer transaction in particular geographic areas and comparing results. RiskVA further looks at trends in both secured and unsecured (e.g., credit card) debt. It helps identify emerging risks as economic conditions change. 
RiskVA has been successfully vetted by senior managment at Bank of America and is starting to be usted by analysts in the bank. It is the first step in a rich set of finaicial visual analytics tools. A version can be made available to government agencies to assist in the investigation of financial debt.

- On April 4th The Department of Homeland Security held its annual Center Directors Meeting. In attendence were Matt Clark, Director of University Programs, Bob Griffin, Director of the First Responders Program at DHS, Deputy Undersecretary Dan Gerstein among others.
- On April 11th VACCINE and members of the US Coast Guard participated in the DHS Transitioning Workshop in Washington DC. They presented on the Verification, Validation, and Accreditation process of the cgSARVA tool.
- On April 22nd The cgSARVA accreditation was signed at Coast Guard Headquarters.
- On April 26th The final HS-STEM luncheon of the year was held.
- On July 29th through August 1st VACCINE will be hosting a MSI Visual Analytics Instructor Workshop this summer at Jackson State University in Mississippi. For more information contact us at vaccine@purdue.edu
- On November 13th and 14th VACCINE and the United States Coast Guard will be hosting the 2013 Maritime Risk Symposium in West Lafayette, Indiana.
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