May 14, 2019
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. UA Cooperative Extension brings STEM to Morenci Students
  3. Desert Horticulture Conference
  4. Marketing Resources
  5. Fellowship Award

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director  

The basic funding that supports the entire Cooperative Extension System (CES) in Arizona is derived from five principle sources and described proportionately in the following figure that describes the organization’s funding in Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18).
The detailed CES funding distribution for FY18 operations among these five basic sources are provided in the following table.  
Note:  Discretionary = Designated in this case.

One important point to draw from this information is that 86% of CES funding comes from a combination of two sources, state and federal funding and the full array of funding from sponsored projects.  Sponsored projects includes all of the grants and contracts that are secured from external sources to support research and education projects.  Faculty and staff in the CES are writing all of the proposals in competitive arenas that result in these funds referred to as “sponsored projects”.

The state and federal allocations, 42% of the total CES funding, provides the foundation and core financial support for the organization.  The entrepreneurial and creative efforts of CES faculty and staff is reflected in the  approximately $17M in FY18 coming from sponsored projects which represents 44% of the total budget and fuels the excellent CES programs across the entire state and organization.

The CES is a strong organization driven by the tremendous commitment and motivation found among the outstanding people who work hard to deliver on our mission every day.

STEM at Metcalf Elementary School in Morenci Video

As part of 'Water Day', UA Cooperative Extension personnel bring STEM learning about water to 4th grade students at Metcalf Elementary School.  Find out why parents and teachers say hands-on STEM learning is so important.

Click here to watch the video:

Desert Horticulture Conference

The 28th Annual Desert Horticulture Conference will be held on May 31, 2019 at the JW Marriott Starr Pass in Tucson

Register now:

You Asked...We Answered:  Marketing Resources Available

Do you need to order business cards?  Need to create a flyer for a class, workshop or event, and want to be "in brand"?

Have other marketing-resource needs?

Click on the link below, where you can also find postcard templates, how to get e-letterhead, how to order merchandise, and other tips and resources, as well.

(***Remember:  You’ll need your “net id” to “log in”****) 

Fellowship Awarded to Natalia Santos

2019 USDA E. Kika De La Garza Fellowship Awarded to Natalia Santos of the Dept. of Nutritional Sciences from UA SNAP-Ed

Natalia Santos from the University of Arizona's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education (UA SNAP-Ed) has been selected to participate in the 2019 USDA E. Kika De La Garza Fellowship program.  
As a fellow, she will be part of a dynamic network of leaders from academia and government that work to advance the excellence of education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

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