June 1, 2021
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. Ethan Orr - Interim Santa Cruz County Extension Director  
  3. Dr. Scottie Misner
  4. Yavapai Cooperative Extension Annual Report
  5. Maricopa County Newsletter
  6. Arizona 4-H Presents
  7. Clover Ball

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director

The Arizona Cooperative Extension System (CES) has always been an integral part of the College of Agriculture (now the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, CALS) at the University of Arizona (UA) since 1914 when the Smith-Lever Act was passed. The CES operates now as one of the four major pillars in the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension.  Accordingly, the CES is connected to CALS by investment in Specialist and staff positions.

Please refer to the following Figure  (basic org chart for the Division).

This division structure opens an opportunity for the CES to realize a long-term vision that I have described many times at annual Extension conferences and in numerous publications.  My long-term vision and hope continue to be for the CES to develop into a university-wide enterprise. While the CES would still be integrated with CALS, it would also have the capacity to work cooperatively with other colleges across the UA campus to form Extension positions that provide new program alliances. 

This Division structure will also prove to be useful in the efforts to improve the understanding and integration of Extension across the campus, which should also help with the immediate needs of increasing state-level funding to the CES from the Arizona State Legislature.  At this time, the CES needs increased baseline funding from the state to keep the organization whole and it would take a very significant increase to provide the CES the capacity to become a university-wide entity.

This vision is challenging to realize in the short-term, but I believe it is possible.  It would be better for the CES and the UA if this organization could expand to a broader reach across the UA.  Irrespective of structure, I believe the CES needs to stay true to the same mission, purpose, and function that we have successfully promoted for the last one hundred and seven years. 

Ethan Orr - Interim Santa Cruz County Extension Director 

Ethan Orr is the new Interim Director of Santa Cruz County.  This is in addition to his ANR Associate Director duties.  He will be busy!  Thank you Ethan!

Dr. Scottie Misner Retiring

Scottie Misner PhD, RDN, Specialist, Emeritus, State Coordinator, PI for EFNEP/SNAP-Ed will be retiring on June 25.  Dr. Misner has had a long and prestigious career at the University of Arizona. She started working at the UA in 1994 as the State Extension Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Coordinator.  That same year, in collaboration with Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital, Dr. Misner developed and directed the AP4 (Pre-Professional Practice Program), required for dietetic post baccalaureate students wanting to become dietitians.  In 2001, Dr. Misner became the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) Coordinator.  Under her leadership, both statewide programs, EFNEP and SNAP-Ed, have grown and expanded.  Dr. Misner has received several honors and awards for her work in Extension.  She has also mentored new faculty, staff and students.  Dr. Misner’s caring nature and exuberance for helping the needy in the state with her programs will be missed. Thank you Scottie for your devotion to the field of nutrition. 

Yavapai Cooperative Extension Annual Report

Yavapai County Cooperative Extension is pleased to announce the publishing of their 2020 Annual Report. This report shows how Yavapai served the community through the 4-H Youth Development, Family, Consumer, and Health Sciences, Commercial Horticulture/Small Acreage, and Agriculture and Natural Resources programs. https://extension.arizona.edu/yavapai-county-annual-reports

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support of Cooperative Extension programs in Yavapai County. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Schalau at jschalau@ag.arizona.edu or 928-445-6590 ext. 224.

Maricopa County Newsletter

Read up on what's happening in Maricopa County.  May/June Newsletter
Master Gardener Symposium, 2021 4-H Camp G.R.I.T,  Project CENTRL and more... 

Arizona 4-H Presents 

June 9 | 1:00 PM

Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation proudly presents an afternoon with National 4-H Council board member Lazarus Lynch, a stellar 4-H alum who discovered his passion for cooking at a young age. His fun, charming, down-to-earth approach to cooking has connected him with thousands across the globe and continues to inspire the next generation of soulful cooks. Lazarus will speak about how being a part of 4-H helped him turn his spark into mastery on his journey to become a young entrepreneur, author, influencer, musician, and multimedia host. 

Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation invites you to join us virtually at the conclusion of Arizona 4-H Summit for the celebratory showcase known as Arizona 4-H Presents. All 4-H members who participate in this year’s AZ 4-H Summit will partake in a problem-solving challenge to make their communities better. During the AZ 4-H Summit, small groups of participants will work collectively to identify an issue affecting their local community. They will then create a sustainable action plan to address the subject. On the last day of the Summit, selected participants will share their action plans to a broader audience via livestream.

This event will be open to those attending Arizona 4-H Summit and will be livestreamed online for those who wish to join virtually from the comfort of their homes.

Register for your free tickets:

Clover Ball

June 5 | 6:00 PM

The Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation proudly presents Arizona 4-H Clover Ball, an uplifting event of recognition and celebration in which we recognize our outstanding 4-H youth, volunteers, staff, and alumni. Each project, program, event, and positive youth experience is a culmination of the dedication and support of so many people in the 4-H community. This is a closed audience event and will be livestreamed for those who wish to attend from the comfort of their homes.

Register for your free tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clover-ball-tickets-153681165503

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