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Weekly Coach Newsletter
Weekly Coach Newsletter
November 21, 2016  |  A weekly publication of the National Speech & Debate Association
Dear Coach,
As we approach Thanksgiving, we'd like to take a moment to thank you for all you do to change the lives of your students. We are so grateful for you and your tireless dedication to this activity! 
Education Conference Preview » We are excitedly planning for the inaugural speech and debate education conference next August in Denver, Colorado! In the lead up to the announcement of the full list on February 15, we are releasing exclusive previews of select sessions. We are thrilled to announce we have accepted the proposal from Pam and Joe Wycoff entitled "Interp: Bringing Characters to Life." Head to our conference page and scroll to the bottom to learn more about their session. Planning to attend? Sign in and register before March 3 for an early bird discount.  
Administrator Outreach » Did you know your administrator can be inducted into your chapter’s honor society? A chapter may elect one Honorary member for each 100 members and degrees earned by that chapter, not more than one a year. Honorary members must be adults who have contributed in some significant way to the speech program of the local chapter, but have not earned Association membership as a student or instructor. Use this form to request an induction and if the application meets the guidelines above, we’ll send the chapter advisor a custom Honorary Membership Certificate to present to the inductee. This is a great way to get your principal involved in your program!
Alumni Advocacy » Have you checked out the latest issue of Rostrum? J. Scott Baker, Assistant Professor of Educational Studies and former speech and debate coach, takes an in-depth look at alumni advocacy. Baker addresses reasons why alumni disengage from the activity upon graduation, ways for coaches to cultivate stronger speech and debate advocates, and much more. 
Public Forum Webinar » Join us Tuesday, November 22, at 6 p.m. CT as Kip McKee dives in to the December Public Forum topic, Resolved: The United States should end Plan Colombia. Members can sign up in advance here  and watch live for free. Resource Package subscribers can watch live or catch up online any time. 
Public Forum Topic Update » Resource Package subscribers can access the November PF Topic Update. Add to your files with brand new evidence here
$10,000 Scholarship Opportunity » We have partnered with Minerva to offer a $10,000 scholarship for a student to attend their uniquely global, rigorous, and accessible university program. Minerva students travel around the world throughout their four years, living in San Francisco, Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, and more. All classes are small seminars utilizing discussion and debate. Your students can learn more by joining an informative session Tuesday, November 22, with Dr. Stephen Kosslyn, former Dean of Social Sciences at Harvard, and current Founding Dean at Minerva.
HeinOnline » Take advantage of your access to HeinOnline as a member of the National Speech & Debate Association. HeinOnline is a premier source of research that students and teachers can benefit from when preparing for extemp, oratory, debate, and more. There are more than 138 million pages of research available. Check it out here!
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