October 13, 2020
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. Extension Conference Poster Winners
  3. Heart of Extension Honorees
  4. National Association of County Agricultural Agents
  5. COVID-19 Clock Delay
  6. AETI Fall Newsletter
  7. UA-CEAC Hydroponic Tomato Online Intensive Workshop
  8. WRRC Brown Bag Webinar - Water for Nature
  9. CALS/Extension Groups Instrumental in Supporting Bid for an International Year of Rangelands & Pastoralists
  10. Remote Produce Safety Alliance Produce Safety Rule Grower Training Course
  11. ALVSCE Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion Series

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director

The Cooperative Extension System (CES) conducted the 2020 Extension Conference, virtually, on 5-8 October.   We had excellent attendance and participation, some new elements, and tremendous support for a great program. 

The 2020 planning committee did an outstanding job of developing and delivering an excellent conference program.  The committee consists of:

      Don Alamban, Jennifer Argyros, Juan Arias, Kelly Arizmendi, Anthony Bertero, Gloria
      Blumanhourst, Jessica Dorsey, Jeremy Elliott-Engel, Eunice Gonzales, Elise Gornish, Betsy
      Greene, Carolyne Greeno, Ashley Hall, Peter Hooper, Janine Lane, Ethan Orr, Meghan Penrod,
      Eva Romero, Sandra Saad, Hope Wilson, Claire Zucker, and Dominic Rodriguez.

Please respond to the post-conference survey so that we can gain the benefit of your feedback from the experience last week.  Your constructive input is always beneficial as we work to develop future conferences.


In the meantime, thanks again for joining us and for all the great work that you all continue to do for Arizona Cooperative Extension.

Extension Conference Poster Winners

The Arizona Cooperative Extension Annual Conference committee is excited to announce the top five favorite posters:

Community Service Garden: Restore, Replenish, Renew (Paula J Barr Skillicorn, Carol Diemer and Traci L Armstrong Florian)

Seed to Read – Early Literacy and Nutrition Education Program for Young Children (Hope Wilson and Katherine E Speirs)

Maricopa County Cooperative Extension SNAP-Ed:  Supporting School Teachers During COVID-19 (Mary Ahern)

A Program Evaluation of the Online Master Gardener Course for Northern Arizona (Gayle Gratop)

AmeriCorps – University of Arizona Wildcat Corps (Daniel A McDonald and Christina Lipin)

Congratulations to each of these winners, who have earned notoriety and bragging rights. Thank you to all poster presenters, you each did an impeccable job representing the breadth and quality of work that UACE employees conduct every day. 

            Sandra Saad, Peter Hooper, Jeremy Elliott-Engel, Claire Zucker

Heart of Extension Honorees

At the virtual annual conference this year, we again presented the Heart of Extension.  These awards are designed to honor deserving individuals from across the entire state who truly deliver on the mission of Extension. 

This year’s honorees were:

Juan Arias, Assistant Agent, FRTEP Tribal Extension Programs, Gila County Cooperative Extension
Kelly Arizmendi, Senior Information Services Coordinator, Extension Administration
Cassie Burruel, Community Outreach Professional, Pima County Cooperative Extension - Green Valley
Jamie Campbell, Program Coordinator, Mohave County Cooperative Extension
Alexendra Carlisle, Assistant in Extension, FRTEP Tribal Extension Programs, Navajo Nation Shiprock
Renee Carstens, County Extension Director/4H Assistant Agent, Gila County Cooperative Extension
Mary Conner, Program Coordinator, Senior, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Tamara Floyd, Community Outreach Professional, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Pamela Justice, Program Coordinator, AZ Project WET/Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Cathy Munger, IT Manager, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Martha Salcedo, Administrative Assistant, Santa Cruz County Cooperative Extension

In a surprise tribute, Arizona Cooperative Extension Director Jeff Silvertooth was honored for his leadership through the pandemic with both the Heart of Extension and the Honey Badger Award, presented on behalf of CEDs and Extension leadership by Russ Engel, County Extension Director, Yuma County Cooperative Extension.

Paul “Paco” Ollerton, owner of Tierra Verde Farms, was awarded the Friend of Extension Award.

Thanks again to all who took the time and effort to nominate your deserving friends and colleagues!

The 2020 Heart of Extension Committee
Don Alamban, Carolyne Greeno, Ethan Orr, Meghan Penrod, Sandra Saad

National Association of County Agricultural Agents

The National Association of County Agricultural Agents held their virtual national conference the last week in September. As Communications Chair of the Arizona Agriculture Extension Agents state association, I am honored and proud to announce state and national award winners from Arizona Cooperative Extension.  Year after year, Arizona faculty and staff are recognized for their outstanding work and programming in diverse delivery methods.  I highly encourage any agent or specialist working with agriculture (ANR, 4-H, etc.) within the state to join the state association and submit your work.  There are many categories to receive recognition of your programming efforts.
   Ed Martin, CED Maricopa County

This year's winners are:

Dr. Betsy Greene
Program Promotional Package – State Winner; Regional Winner
Publication – State Winner; National Finalist
Search for Excellence in Livestock Production – National Finalist

Ashley Wright

Computer Generated Presentation – State Winner; National Winner
Feature Story – State Winner; Regional Winner

Joshua Sherman

Published Photo – State Winner; Regional Winner


Continuing status and Promotion clock delay for 2020-2021

Faculty can (if they choose to do so) have more than one COVID-19 clock delay.  The COVID-19 delay from the summer was for the 2019-2020 academic year, and the one that is offered currently is for the 2020-2021 year. 

AETI Fall 2020 Newsletter

Please visit the link below to enjoy Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation’s  Fall 2020 Newsletter


UA-CEAC Hydroponic Tomato Online Intensive Workshop

Are you interested in growing tomatoes hydroponically? Join the University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center for the Hydroponic Online Intensive Workshop - November 16th & 17th via Zoom. Taught by Dr. Stacy Tollefson, this two-day event is perfect for novice growers and will be packed with tons of critical information and research discoveries that UA-CEAC has assembled into their courses and programs for over 20 years. You will get access to numerous lecture materials, personal question follow-ups, certificate of completion, and tons of knowledge! 

Click here to register! 

Limited seats are available. For questions, please email arizona.ceac@gmail.com

WRRC Brown Bag Webinar - Water for Nature

Thursday, October 22, 2020
Time: 12:00 – 1:15 p.m.

Kristen Wolfe, Coordinator, Sustainable Water Network 
Kristen Wolfe will be presenting Water for Nature, a talk focusing on environmental water, the forgotten/ignored stakeholder in water policy, management, and law. Leaving water for nature out of water laws and management has had dire consequences for our rivers, streams, and springs. Climate change and unsustainable growth are accelerating river depletion. It is time to find ways to allow for water for nature. Human uses depend on healthy, flowing rivers.
The WRRC hosts its Brown Bag Webinars using Zoom. To register for and join this webinar, visit https://tinyurl.com/water4nature

Attendees will be able to ask questions using the Zoom chat function.
To request an alternate format of this webinar for disability-related access, please contact us at wrrc@email.arizona.edu

CALS/Extension Groups Instrumental in Supporting Bid for an International Year of Rangelands & Pastoralists

The initiative for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP) took a huge step forward on October 1st. The Committee on Agriculture (COAG) of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) endorsed the Mongolian Government’s proposal to declare an IYRP in 2026.

In a united global effort spanning the past five years, numerous national governments, institutions and civil society organizations had sent support letters, logos, and videos for the “online booth” set up especially for the COAG meeting (www.iyrp.info) by members of the UA (CALS-Extension-SNRE) Rangelands Partnership team and Craig Boesewetter (CCT).  By the time the Mongolian proposal was discussed in the meeting, more than 150 organizations from all continents had expressed support.

In its final statement on October 2nd, COAG acknowledged the important role of rangelands and pastoralists in contributing to national economies and supporting livelihoods and food security for millions of people, as well as providing ecosystem services, particularly in dryland and mountainous areas. It also acknowledged the potential of rangelands and pastoralism to contribute significantly to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With ongoing support from the CALS/Extension groups, the website will continue to be developed in preparation for the next hurdles: the FAO Council meeting in December 2020, the FAO Conference in June 2021, and the UN General Assembly in October 2021 where the final vote will be taken.  For more information, contact Barbara Hutchinson (barbarah@cals.arizona.edu).

Remote Produce Safety Alliance Produce Safety Rule Grower Training Course

Due to the current Coronavirus Outbreak, Produce Safety Alliance is allowing for Remote Grower Trainings while we are practicing social distancing. This course will be offered remotely, online via Zoom, during this time to accommodate and once the public health concern is lifted, in-person classroom courses will resume.

Who Should Attend:
Produce Farms including growers, harvesters, packers, coolers, and those interested in learning about the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule (PSR), Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), Co-management of natural resources and Food Safety. Academic’s and students wanting to learn more about food safety and the Produce Safety Rule would benefit from this course as well as government officials working in food safety.

Benefits of Attending:
     Individuals who participate in the course are expected to gain a basic understanding of:
        Microorganisms relevant to produce safety and where they may be found on the farm.
       How to identify microbial risks, practices that reduce risks, and how to begin implementing
         produce safety practices on the farm.
       • Parts of a farm food safety plan and how to begin writing one.
       • Requirements in the FSMA Produce Safety Rule and how to meet them.

October 21 & 22, 2020
7:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Sign up today! Click the link below to register.
Password: OCT21&22

Course Registration Fee:

For more information & additional course dates please visit the Arizona Department of Agriculture Plants and Produce FSMA Website:

For additional information please contact Natalie Brassill, nbrassill1@email.arizona.edu or Dr. Channah Rock, channah@cals.arizona.edu

Please Join us for the ALVSCE Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion Series

Fostering Success and Approaching Inclusion Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

Wednesday, October 21st | 12:00pm – 1:00pm | ZOOM Only

Fostering Success is a community for UA students that have experienced foster care or housing insecurity. We will discuss our mission as a program, how we experience inclusion on campus and in the community, and how others can begin to expand their definitions of diversity to consider our lived experiences. Our student participants and staff members drive the direction of the program and will provide insight into the barriers, challenges, and tools that they have encountered through this work.

Speaker Bio: Dani Carrillo is the coordinator for Fostering Success at the University of Arizona and has been in that role for the past 2½ years. She was tasked with launching the program in Fall 2018 and continues to oversee all aspects including student recruitment, outreach, development, hiring, and student engagement and support. Before overseeing Fostering Success, Dani worked with youth in and recently aged out of foster care in the state of Arizona to connect them with resources and to develop the necessary skills to live independently. She is deeply committed to advocating for students on this campus and expanding the reach of Fostering Success.

Register for the Zoom Webinar for all 4 Speakers during Fall 2020     https://arizona.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_O78eF3B1Qf25cUPa61C5SA

Brought to you by: the ALVSCE Diversity & Inclusion Council

TMN Submittal Process

Please submit your news by 4:00pm Monday to TMN [tmn@cals.arizona.edu].

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