Weekly Coach Newsletter - November 10, 2020
Weekly Coach Newsletter - November 10, 2020

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Resources for Running Practices

Resource Package subscribers can now access more than 50 individual drills and practice activities for delivery, prep, strategy, memorization, characterization, movement, and more. The collection is sorted by event type and tagged for targeted skills, supplies needed, and number of participants. If you're getting into peer coaching, this is a great starting place! 

Want to Get Paid to Flow?

We're looking for an expert to create a video showing novices how to flow on paper. If you've taught students previously and have the clearest flow around, please email Membership Manager Annie Reisener at annie.reisener@speechanddebate.org for consideration and include a clear picture or scan of a flow.
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Teacher in a Box Contractors 

We're looking for contractors to update our Policy Teacher in a Box and Lincoln-Douglas Teacher in a Box collections. These are temporary, paid positions on an independent schedule. Policy work will begin this winter. LD work will begin this spring. If you have experience introducing new students to either of these two events, we encourage you to apply! 
Policy Debate Teacher in a Box Contractor Lincoln-Douglas Classroom Resource Contractor

Member Resource Roundup

Public Forum » Check out a free video for a primer on the November/December PF topic from our friends at the University of Kentucky! Plus, you can access videos for beginners to introduce using evidence, the structure of the round, impacts, cross-examination, and more! Click here and scroll down to Introduction to Public Forum to access materials. 
Lincoln-Douglas » Read our topic analysis for the LD November/December topic. 
Congress » Download the November docket for fresh legislation!
World Schools » Access five new prepared and impromptu motions 
Extemp » Refresh practices with ten new USX and IX questions

Access the Online LD Textbook

Members can access our newly updated textbook designed to introduce students to the structure, terms, and fundamentals of Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Remember, member students can access this tool on their own, too! 

Celebrate Supporters with an Honorary NSDA Membership

Did you know you can nominate an adult who has contributed to your team to be an honorary National Speech & Debate Association member? This is a great way to generate buy-in from administrators or honor a parent who helps your team! Honorary members must be adults who have contributed in some significant way to the speech and debate program of the local chapter, but have not earned Association membership as a student or instructor. 
You are a champion! As part of our future-proof education, Simpson College hosts a nationally ranked, top 10 Pi Kappa Delta Speech and Debate program. You'll put into use on a national stage the skills you learn in the classroom here at Simpson. You'll be part of a dynamic group of students and coaches who support each other's efforts and love what they are doing. Simpson College Speech & Debate. Come be a champion at Simpson.

Tips for Online Tournament Hosting 

Online Tournament Guide » Build on the experience of the team of staff and volunteers who brought you the 2020 online National Tournament as you formulate a plan for your online event. This guide contains tips, safety and equity questions to consider, and our lessons learned from hosting online tournaments.
NSDA Campus Trainings » Adapting to a new platform can be intimidating! Check out our training materials for our low-cost tournament hosting platform NSDA Campus and give us a heads up if you plan to host a tournament (no strings attached)! 
Tabroom Tip » If you are considering holding speech events asynchronously at your tournament, Tabroom.com’s asynchronous features can help automate the judging process! Tabroom.com can support events where students have submitted links to a recording of their performance and judges have a period of time to watch and judge those recordings. If you set up your events this way, a judge can log in to Tabroom.com, see their assignments, and click video icons next to each student’s code to watch their videos in order and complete their ballots. 
Academic All American Award. Nominate eligible students for this prestigious award!
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