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Lately I've been reading and learning about innovation, design thinking and how visuals can be used as a tool to help groups make decisions and solve problems. I'm at another one of those crossroads in my professional life where new interests are leading me down a related but different path. I am far from knowing how all the pieces of the puzzle come together, but that's just part of this early journey I'm on. 
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Why I decided to go to back to school at age 48
An exciting challenge that will eventually open new doors? Or a colossal waste of ~three years of my life? Find out why I decided to bite the bullet and become the art and design grad department's most non-traditional (read: weird and old) part-time student.

Visual Thinking That Drives Innovation at Day of Innovation
Day of Innovation: 10.12.17 marked this all-day event in Indianapolis where I had the chance to connect with like-minded innovators for inspiring keynotes, hands-on presentations and networking. My breakout session Visual Thinking That Drives Innovation - my first time ever teaching graphic recording - was a hit. I talked a little bit about my background and how I arrived at the practice; demo-ed the building blocks of graphic recording; had attendees do warm-up exercises with magic markers and paper; and engaged them in drawing progressively more challenging concepts as simple icons. #dayofinnovation 

Touchpoints of Homelessess Report

Hot off the press, a new report designed by Stone Soup Creative presents findings and recommendations on the crticial issue of homelessness in Hawai'i.
Julia Reich of Stone Soup Creative is a branding consultant, graphic designer and graphic recorder. 

Some of the clients Julia's been working with lately include Prosperity Indiana, Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Association of Art Museum Directors.

Learn more about Julia and Stone Soup.

Ready to get started, Friend? If you need help with a design or branding project, infographics, graphic recording or need a speaker or someone to lead a workshop - let's talk! 
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