Learn About These STEM Pioneers!
Learn About These STEM Pioneers!

Celebrate Black History Month! 

Go back in time with us as we take a look at the historic men and women who pioneered the way in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math for future generations! 

Dr. Bernard Harris 

"Bernard Anthony Harris Jr. is a scientist, surgeon, astronaut, entrepreneur, and leader.  He is best known for having been the first African American to walk in space, and developing the non-profit known as the Harris Foundation." Read more about Dr. Harris here! Dr. Bernard Harris also joined the USA Science and Engineering Festival in 2014 at the X-STEM Symposium. Watch Dr. Bernard Harris' X-STEM talk here

Dr. Marie M. Daly

"Dr. Marie M. Daly was an American biochemist. She was raised in an education-oriented family, and Daly quickly received her B.S. and M.S. in chemistry at Queens College and New York University, respectively. After completing her Ph.D. at Columbia University—and becoming the first African American woman to obtain a Ph.D. in chemistry in the United States—Daly taught and conducted research. Daly's groundbreaking work helped clarify how the human body works." Read more about Dr. Marie M. Daly here

Dr. George Carruthers 

"Dr. George Carruthers, a scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory, stands to the right of his invention, the gold-plated ultraviolet camera/spectrograph. The first Moon-based observatory, Carruthers developed it for the Apollo 16 mission. Working for the Naval Research Laboratory, Carruthers had three years earlier received a patent for a Far Ultraviolet Electrographic Camera, which obtained images of electromagnetic radiation in short wavelengths." Read more about Dr. George Carruthers here

Part of History in the Making

We believe these amazing STEM role models are a part of history in the making as they work to help change the STEM ecosystem to one of diversity and color! Perhaps someone they inspire will be a future history-maker!
Celebrate history in the making with our X-STEM videos below! 

Dr. Serena McCalla

From coaching her students at Jericho High School to championships at renowned international science fairs, to being featured in Sundance Film Festival’s award-winning documentary, Science Fair, Dr. McCalla shares her secrets for guiding young learners in science fair pursuits. Dr. McCalla is also the founder of iResearch Institute, the parent company of iResearch Science and iResearch Institute, where she shares her research practices with educators and students around the globe.

Justin Shaifer

Justin Shaifer, science educator and communicator, and Executive Director of Fascinate, Inc. is on a mission to attract more underrepresented students to STEM careers. In order to do so, Shaifer has launched an engaging STEM outreach program on wheels called the Magic Cool Bus, designed to take cool, cutting-edge gadget technology, such as 3D printers, drones, ​and body fat percentage calculators directly to underrepresented schools across the nation. This type of outreach brings emerging technology to minority students across the country for STEM engagement, motivation and mentoring. In his continuing quest to make STEM cool, Justin has also created the animated series Hood Science.


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