Be aware of these common household plumbing problems!
Be aware of these common household plumbing problems!

Preventing Water Contamination in the Yard & Garden

Modern plumbing fixtures generally have built-in backflow protection, but additional protections are needed for hand-held shower heads, outside spigots and lawn irrigation.  

Here are a few tips to prevent backflow contamination:
  • Keep hoses out of soapy water, hot tubs or pools. Water & contaminants could back up into the plumbing system.
  • Never use a water hose to spray lawn chemicals or pesticide. Chemical residue in the hose may get into the drinking water.
  • Make sure the fill valve in the toilet tank is at least 1" above the water. The bowl refill tube should also be above the water line.
If you're concerned about a cross connection between your water supply and possible contaminants, a plumbing professional can help. Contact us today for an in-home evaluation.
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Common Culprits in Your Home 

The summer months are heavy usage months when it comes to your plumbing.  With the OBX being a popular place for visitors, it's likely your guests and renters are going full speed in your home. Get ahead of emergency situations by contacting us with your concerns before a problem starts!

Stop the Culprits!
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