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I hope you’ll enjoy reading our Annual Report. You will discover that despite the great pandemic, Edwards has held strong and is poised to return to better times, and that is exciting!
Read Our 2021 Annual Report

You'll Find in Our 2021 Annual Report

• Moving Forward with Optimism

• A Labor of Love

• It's All About the Mission

• 2022 Strategic Goals

• Rhonda to the Rescue

• "Gold Standard" Improvements

• Treasure's Report

• Revenue & Expenses

• Met Our Match

• 2021 Donor Listing

• The State of Oregon Steps Up

• Aging in Place

• Edwards Employment Updates

• It Takes a Village

Read Our 2021 Annual Report

We Thank You for Your Support in 2021

& We Look Forward to a "Lifetime of Hope"

with You, Our Edwards Family!

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