Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services
Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services
    Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services, Inc.               09/15/2020    
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Electronic Policy Delivery
Accelerated Underwriting
Tips for Working Virtually
Life Insurance Awareness Month
Surrounded by Opportunity
It’s not a stretch to say that every one of your clients should be asked about concerns that life insurance can help them address.
The key is to quickly identify opportunities and provide solutions to meet clients’ needs. From simple answers to more advanced concepts, being able to identify the strategy that best meets your clients' needs is the primary goal.
Calculate the Need
Calculate the Need
The most important part of purchasing life insurance is knowing how much is really needed. Rather than guessing or pulling a number out of the air, assist your customers to determine their need based on income, expenses and assets.
How much do you need? 
Worksheet | Calculator
iGo Electronic Applications
Quick Apps & Drop Tickets
DIY Quotes & Illustrations
Banner Update
Social Media for LIAM
A cost-effective way to engage current and prospective customers is through social media. It's really easy to get started when the campaign is created for you!
If you want customers to know that you can help them protect their family with life insurance, use this Social Media Bank to spread the word.
Life Insurance for Multiple Needs
Life Insurance for Multiple Needs
Customers want to make purchases that cover multiple needs. The evolution of the smart phone is a good example of this. The same can be said for purchasing life insurance. The "Four Perils" that can be covered with a permanent life insurance policy include:
  1. Dying too soon
  2. Living too long
  3. Becoming disabled
  4. Needing long-term care
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