Buena Vida Orphanage has a new location!!!

Old Buena Vida....

New Buena Vida....

Taylor's Heart got to go down and help with the big move! We took trucks and trailers down on the weekend of November 9 and assisted in the final step of the move! Thank you Calvary Chapel Pomona Valley for partnering with us in the moving process! It was so awesome to join forces and work together! It was so great to meet you guys! There was quite a lot to do, and you joined right in and we got it done! At the end of the day, it was so exciting to see the new location full of life! A Child's Hope Foundation, a non profit organization based in Utah, worked so hard to build this new location for Buena Vida! Awesome job!

Thank you Mission Church!

Mission Church in Santa Clarita ran a bed-in-a-bag drive in October. Each child got to pick their very own bed set for their new space! Thank you for partnering with us and providing this very personal and special gift for each child!!!

Happy kids.............

Property update!!!

In between the new Buena Vida and their almost completed bunk house are two square lots. Gabriel wants to buy these to add more space to the orphanage grounds, eventually adding an administration office, some more bedrooms, a play area and parking area for this beautiful new location. The biggest perk would allow Gabriel and Meche to accept more children into their large family!
Gabriel made a deal and by God's great grace, the purchase of the first lot is in the works. With donors like you, we are well on our way to the full purchase price of the first lot!
Taylor's Heart has a property fund growing toward the purchase of these two lots, and if you are looking for a last minute 2018 tax deduction, we would love to have your partnership!  Please contact us using the Donate Now button below, and mark your donation BV Property Fund. 
Thank you!
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Prayer Targets...

  • Pray for Gabriel and Meche and the children as they adjust to their new home, for a smooth transition into the newness, and a beautiful sense of home to fill the place! 
  • Pray for Gabriel as he adheres to the rules, regulations and paperwork that goes along with the new location, for peace and understanding.

  • Pray for the new children that will come into these new walls and into this new family... for God's love, comfort and peace to flood over them. 

Thank you, dear sponsor, for being the best part of Taylor's Heart! We wish you a warm and beautiful Christmas with friends and family! 


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