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Basketball Bowling! Winding up at the Johnson Club.

Glory Games Return in Full Swing

With the school year wrapped up and days becoming shorter and hotter, summer is in full glory.  And with the change in season and break in school, our Clubs also transition into their summer program.  The season is punctuated with fun activities that the kids enjoy, including the return of the illustrious Glory Games. The games which take place every day, around 12:30, each follow a particular theme, Harry Potter and A Bugs Life, to name a few. The games are full of kid inspired fun.  They usually include relays, obstacles and anything that is creative and promotes physical activity and healthy habits. To anyone spectating for the first time, the lawn and gym can seem like a jungle of small Minions, from Disney's Despicable Me, but that is what makes it exciting. The games motivate our kids to jump feet first into summer.
Teens Learn Benefits of Composting

High school students at our Addison Club delivered a full scale presentation on the benefits of composting.  Together the kids built a 3’x3’x3’ outdoor raised garden that was used to house the compost.  In their presentation, teens detailed the importance of composting and emphasized how it is beneficial for soil cultivation. Kids used a collection of yard waste and biodegradable materials, including: fruits, veggies, cardboard, banana peels, eggshells, orange peels, coffee grounds, house plants, leaves, newspaper and wood chips.  In their presentation they explained how the slurry of materials makes for a rich compost and creates soil packed with nutrients for growing a verdant garden.

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