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Flashpoint - Risk Management & Safety
May 2017
MSDS Online
A new change has occurred with the link to MSDS Online on the Risk Management and Safety website.  Due to recent changes in regualtions, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will now be referred to as Safety Data Sheets (SDS). The link has been moved to the Hazard Communication Plan tab under Environmental Health and Safety > General Safety. A quick link is also available on the home page.  You will need your NetID and password to access the Hazard Communication tab and SDS Online. Any questions or concerns about this change should be directed to Adam Kratt at 1-3698 or
Bodie, a golden retriever, is the newest member of RMS.  He is a six month old puppy that is being trained to become a hearing service dog.  Bodie's owner, Thomas Waldschmidt, is a Safety Specialist who joined Notre Dame in January.  Thomas has a severe hearing loss and does not always hear certain sounds.  Although Bodie's responsibilities are not exactly safety related, he does make sure Thomas is aware his surroundings.  Bodie helps Thomas with sounds like a ringtone, keys dropping to the floor, warning sounds and alarm systems.

There are multiple varieties of service dogs that are trained to perform a particular task. There are dogs who can be trained to assist people with autism, hearing disabilities, diabetes, seizures and those that have visual impairment.  People with disabilities have a right to have their service dogs with them as long as the dog is well trained.  If you happen to see Bodie or any other service dog, please do remember not to pet the dog unless the owner gives you approval.
PPE At A Glance:  Val Schroeder suggests posting a chart titled "PPE At A Glance" at the entrance to all rooms/areas with specific PPE requirements. The laminated charts include a column for a check mark indicating that PPE is required and a pictograph which allows users to easily understand and comply with lab safety.  This is especially valuable for lab users that are non-native English speakers.  Access the PPE At A Glance here to print and then laminate.  Using a laminate that is erasable allows for changes of dates, requirements, etc.
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                                        SAFETY ALERTS
At Notre Dame:

A student cut an index finger on a microtome blade while cleaning the microtome.  The student sought treatment at the Wellness Center.  For more information see the Safety Alert - Microtome Finger Laceration.
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Would you like to show your ND spirit by wearing "The Shirt"?  Answer the trivia question below correctly and you may win one!  A drawing will be made from all the correct responses sent to by May 22, 2017 and the winner will be announced in our next issue.

If you need a first aid kit for your laboratory, which one does RMS recommend.  (Information is located in a past Flashpoint.)
As we approach the conclusion of Spring semester and look forward to Summer session, there may be the need to create and assign safety training to new faculty, staff or students.  To assist supervisors through the assignment process and users completing training, we've developed Quick Reference Guides and How to Videos detailing steps for creating training assignments.

These resources and others can be found on the complyND website.  We encourage you to visit our at page at  If you have any questions contact the complyND Team at
                              ENVIRONMENTAL CORNER
The new Hazardous Waste Procedure has been approved by both the Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee and the Operations Safety Advisory Committee.  This new procedure can be found here on the Risk Management and Safety Website.  Please contact Erin Hafner at with any questions. 
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