Miami Newsletter
Miami Newsletter
July 2016:  Volume 1, Issue 1


Welcome to the first issue of Student Rental Connection, a monthly-ish update from Miami's Office of Off-Campus Outreach and Communication to Property Managers, Landlords, and others who have a stake in the student rental business in Oxford. 
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We hope to keep you informed of upcoming programs and events related to off-campus students, opportunities for you to reach prospective tenants (see the save the date below on the off-campus housing fair), and generally just keep the lines of communication open between Miami and our off-campus neighbors. 
Thanks for reading!
-Jen O'Brien, Director of Off-Campus Outreach and Communication

In this Issue

  • Alcohol, Parties, Noise & Litter: Working Together for Progress
  • Subleasing Resources
  • Walkabout Save the Date
  • ASG's Fall Off-Campus Housing Fair
  • Submit Your Questions

Alcohol, Parties, Noise & Litter: Working Together for Progress

Miami University's Alcohol Coordinating Committee has designated an Off-Campus Partnerships and Inteventions workgroup to address the impact of town gown issues such as noise and litter violations, house parties, social hosting laws, and community standards.
The workgroup identified the visibility of high-risk house parties as its first priority and has spent the past year developing a system to hold students more accountable for their actions off-campus.
As the workgroup moves to additional measures of accountability, we invite landlords, rental property owners, and property managers to attend a presentation and open forum with members of the Off-Campus Partnerships and Interventions workgroup to a) hear about the important work this group is accomplishing b) learn possible additional solutions, including universal lease language, new ordinances, landlord notification, and c) provide feedback on your experiences and these processes.

Alcohol, Parties, Noise & Litter: An Open Property Manager / Owner Forum
Monday, July 25, 2016
3:30 - 4:30 pm | LCNB Community Room


Subleasing Resources

If you have students looking to find a sublease tenant, or students who are looking for single-semester options and would like to find a sublease, feel free to direct them to the Off-Campus Outreach Subleasing page
On the page, students can complete a brief form to be added to a database that can help them get connected with other students in similar situations.

Walkabout - Save the Date

Walkabout is the Walkabout is an annual program wherein volunteers visit off-campus students at their rentals at the beginning of fall semester to welcome students back to town and provide information about living smoothly in Oxford neighborhoods. 
Our August newsletter will include a digest of all the items included in this year's Walkabout, including coupons for students to pick up free safety devices (e.g. light timers, window/door alarms). 

ASG's Fall Off-Campus Housing Fair

Miami's Associated Student Government and Office of Off-Campus Outreach are pleased to announce the date for the Fall Off-Campus Housing Fair. You'll get a formal invitation in August with a link to RSVP. 

Submit your Questions!

Do you have questions about Miami policy, plans or other issues? Reaching students? Something else? We'll feature common questions on our website and in future newsletters. Submit your questions here
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