Session 2: Building the Ecosystem: Community and Health System Partnerships (from left Thomas Lee, MD, MSC, Consuelo Wilkins, MD, MSCI & Russell Rothman,MD, MPP 
Expanding the Bounds of Care Delivery: Integrating Mental, Social, and Physical Health,” NEJM Catalyst brought together innovative leaders and researchers to explore why current care and payment models discourage integration of mental health and social determinants of health with primary, specialty, and acute care. Three panels, including one led by Drs. Russell Rothman and Consuelo Wilkins, explored how society can redefine health and health care, demonstrate how some organizations have overcome the systemic barriers, and discuss building ecosystems of integrated care for entire communities.
Gilbert Gonzales, PhD, MHA

Study shows gender identity plays key role in access to care

“We need to eliminate healthcare barriers for all groups in order to achieve health equity, and to that end we need better understanding of the added challenges faced by transgender and GNC populations,” said Dr. Gilbert Gonzales, Assistant Professor of Health Policy at Vanderbilt. “As a first step toward understanding and addressing disparities, gender identity and sexual orientation need to be routinely included in health surveys and electronic health records.”

William Schaffner, MD
Dr. William Schaffner, Professor of Preventive Medicine and nationally known expert on the flu, is on on Vanderbilt Health's channel, answering questions and giving good, fact-based advice on how to deal with flu. Also, check out Dr. Schaffner explains adenoviruses to CNN.
Derek Griffith, Ph.D.
Dr. Derek Griffith, Associate Professor of Medicine, Health, and Society and founder and director of the Center for Research on Men’s Health at Vanderbilt is recognized for major contributions in the field of health behavior research.


"Body Mass Index and Health Related Quality of Life"

Rachel Apple, MD


"Why aren't we all taking metformin to prevent cancer? A lesson in HSR study design"

Robert Greevy, Jr, PhD 

A panel discussion on gun violence prevention, along with a moderated public debate, was held at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.“It’s evident in our society that there are many issues surrounding guns that are divisive,” said Dr. Jonathan Metzl, Vanderbilt psychiatrist, sociologist and director of the Center for Medicine, Health and Society. “But we hope to address these issues based on academics, research and expertise in a way that might help move the debate forward.”
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