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Greatly improved, yes, but... can read it all here. However, these changes are like diet soda: It is an improvement, but if you are still eating junk food with it, what real good are you doing? In this case, junk food would be not having a written budget and paying your bills on time. The system needed to change and this is a good start. For people who are trying to do better, this will really help. But you must TRY! And you really shouldn't drink diet soda anyway; water is better. Let me show you how to replace the soda and become mortgage or loan ready. :)
Employment/Training Opportuities
My first criteria for credit counseling is "Income". Finally, I have added this segment to my newsletter. I know the owners of both companies. Educators on Call  is looking for substitute teachers and Sterile Concepts Technology provides training in the medical field. Please click on the links for more information. EOC is actively recruiting for the school year and SCT has a class beginning this month. It's  Back to School time and I am looking to get you prepared to change your credit status. 
"Would I lie to you?"
My second criteria is a "Written Spending Plan". If the amount of money you spend on gasoline makes you cringe (who doesn't?), I can help you save money. Honestly. 
"Now would I say something that wasn't true?" Email me or call (215-350-2483) directly:
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Sunday, September 28, 2014
After months of preperation, the event of the year (at least for us!) is in a couple of weeks. At the time of this publication we have less than 15 general admission tickets and almost 100 registered guests. This is B2B with great food, connections and collaboration. Check out my Twitter feed to meet some of the awesome folks that are attending and other great events throughout the year to grow your business through your own self-improvement. 
August 2014:
"Girl, I sing your praises all the time! I told my cousin (my new client!) how you helped me get from 477 to over 700. I didn't think I could do it or it was gonna happen so fast. But once I started to see it rise I just kept at it. I explained to her that it is a process and that she has to be diciplined and have patience because it's not gonna happen over night. But if she sticks with her budget and learn to say no sometime... she will be fine. Anybody who talks about their credit or repair I shout you out... I always will!"
A. P., Philadelphia, 2011
To pre-qualify for counseling, click here. If you have further questions, please email me directly at
Please share and subscribe to my YouTube channel which includes my first TV interview, a radio interview for couples and much more. I will be adding more videos in upcoming weeks to educate and inform you on credit issues.
Cohort 6
This is the WHY you should attend. And you can register here. :) Or join our FB group today to keep in touch with CAFE events and successes. 
You don't go to CAFE,
you GROW through CAFE!
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Mathnasium of AndorraAlpha to Omega Termite and Pest Control, Farida Saleem, Chef Tara Perkins, Chef Bernard Talley and Karima's Banquet Hall (location of the 6th Annual Expo!). 
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