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FMCA's September Monthly E-Newsletter
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Learning On The Go
It’s that time of year again when families with children start getting back into routines and preparing for school. Teachers start diligently organizing the classrooms and meticulously putting together lesson plans that create fun while learning. And coaches start to dust off the old playbooks to add innovative moves to the game plan for a successful fall sports season.
Even though the start of “school season” may not affect your travel plans, the staff at FMCA wanted to share some fun learning activities for you to enjoy while on the go. Check out the options for all ages below!
At FMCA, (RV) education is important. This is why we offer many different avenues for you to continue learning. Whether it’s through our FMCA University, convention seminars, FMCAdventure blog, Family RVing magazine, Tech Talk quarterly e-newsletter, or here in the monthly Mile Marker e-newsletter, we want to share with you. Enjoy!
The FMCA Team

Wyoming Convention Kudos
Excerpted from a letter by Mike & Jane McIntyre, F271642

FMCA’s 103rd International Convention, our first, was fantastic! Our experience started with your informative Q&A sessions online prior to the event. It helped us feel more at ease jumping into the unknown. We attended a number of seminars and as experienced travelers were able to pick up a few new tips and tricks. One was the Fantasy RV Tours seminar for Alaska, and we made the decision to sign up for one of their RV caravans in 2023. Great bunch of people. We sat in the Fantasy Tours session for the Mississippi River Tour, and our name was drawn for the 6-Day Palm Springs Valley Bash. We can’t remember the last time we won any raffle! And the entertainment lineup was pretty enjoyable, too! Thank you for a well-organized convention. See you in Tucson and many more.

Did you know that you don't have to be an FMCA member to attend our conventions? That's right; you can join us at any FMCA International Convention & RV Expo. Our next stop is Tucson, Arizona, March 23-26, 2022.
How Do I?

Focus On The Three Rs While Camping
Learning happens in all sorts of places, not just in traditional classrooms. If you’re looking to give your kids a little extra help with the “Three Rs” – reading, writing, and arithmetic – here are a few ways to sneak in some learning while adding to their fun.
Reading: What’s more exciting than sitting around a campfire in the dark telling stories about things that go bump in the night? If you have young readers who enjoy a little scare, check out In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories by Alvin Schwartz, an I Can Read book geared toward children ages 4 to 8. It is available from online booksellers.
Writing: If you want to encourage some writing practice, use Writing Prompts About Camping as a launching pad. Arm the kids with paper and pencil and try these suggestions to get them started on activities such as designing a camp obstacle course and writing instructions for following it; writing a story about a camping adventure in the forest; making a list of items for a scavenger hunt; and more.
Arithmetic: These Simple Outdoor Number Activities For Kids will keep preschoolers occupied while clandestinely helping them to practice their math skills.
FMCA Adventure

Back To School With FMCA
Learning isn’t just for students and kids anymore! RVers can become more informed with FMCA University and test their RV knowledge through this exclusive FMCA member benefit. The online curriculum provides FMCA members access to a hub of RVing resources 24/7 — anytime, anywhere. Decades’ worth of information is provided, all from reliable sources.
Life on the road may not always involve a set schedule, so FMCA University allows you to learn at your own convenience and pace. You can even search specific topics and read articles that can help you troubleshoot an issue or keep you entertained while traveling. You can dive into courses on Winterizing Your RV, General RV Maintenance and Service, Healthy Traveling, Exterior Care, and more!
FMCA members can even become “RVer Extraordinaires” by completing online quizzes. As you earn badges and rewards for learning new skills, you also can receive rewards on FMCA membership. All “RVer Extraordinaires” who complete the required quizzes and materials in FMCA University can earn $10 off their next FMCA membership renewal!
Heading back to school can be cool with FMCA University.

Hershey, PA - RV Show Conti Coach HA3 from Continental We're Exhibiting
FMCA Clubhouse
That's A Wrap
Did you miss the convention fun in Gillette, Wyoming? Well, don’t worry; we saved you some! Watch this great video created by Mike Getto, with the soundtrack composed and performed by his daughter, Sarah.

FMCA's 104th International Convention & RV Expo
Sunsets + Saguaros
FMCA’s 104th International Convention & RV Expo will be held in Tucson, Arizona, March 23-26, 2022. Join FMCA while we bring together family and friends for four great days of celebrating the RV life! We’ll cover everything from education, shopping, and crafts to socializing, food, and entertainment - plus a lot of fun. Registration opens September 23, 2021.
Follow the Lewis & Clark Trail by RV!
Experience your own sense of visionary enchantment via expedition milestones, national monuments, and interpretive centers as we trace the route of legendary explorers Lewis & Clark. Historical re-enactors give life to this epic journey of expansion, helping us to see through the eyes of common settlers, trappers, and natives who roamed these once-unmarked territories. We’ll focus on the highlights of that journey – from Missouri to Oregon – during this exclusive, FMCA-member-only guided RV tour. To learn more, call 855-385-3622 or click here for the full itinerary.
Campground of the Month
FMCA Campground
FMCA members can enjoy two free nights per month at our member-only campground in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a handy perk for folks traveling through or visiting the area. Online reservations are required. Learn more about the campground and other FMCA benefits.
Things We Like
Igniting Stories
Consider this cool way to get the campground conversation started the next time you’re relaxing under the stars with family or friends. The 50-card Campfire Stories Deck suggests discussion topics, and everyone can contribute. For example, kids and adults alike can tell about their favorite national park visit, their first encounter with a wild animal, or something they’ve left behind during a trip.
Links To Learning
Looking to entertain and inform your teens and tweens when you’re on the road? These news sites for kids cover current events, sports, art, technology, and more in various formats - websites, podcasts, even weekly news shows. Some are produced by familiar companies - TIME For Kids, for example.

Family Trip Planning
Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi offer a multitude of tips and suggestions for memorable journeys for RVing families in their new book Where Should We Camp Next? The Puglisis describe more than 300 “outdoor accommodation destinations” that range from rustic camping to glamping. The info is broken down by U.S. states and regions, with plenty of suggested stops to explore.
Cooking Adventures
Wild Child: Adventure Cooking With Kids is described as “a playbook for cooking up kid-friendly adventures and food.” Author Sarah Clover’s recipes can be prepared in the woods, on the beach, or in a backyard and are suited to all ages — toddlers, teens, even adults. Her suggestions for outdoor activities are interspersed with recipes and cooking tips. Everyone can learn how to build a fire pit, cook fish on a string, and make popcorn in a can. Or, how about making Salty Smashed Spuds, Mud Cakes (with black beans), or Veggie Rollovers? If you’d like to take life less seriously and embrace a little dirt, this book may be for you. Here’s a sample recipe.

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