News, a Movie and Pay Attention Again!
News, a Movie and Pay Attention Again!
August 15, 2015 - Volume 2, Issue 8
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Powerful You! Women's Networking Meetings:
August 18, 2015
August Topic -  Reading for Business and Pleasure. We are reading "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.
September 15, 2015
September Speaker:  Robyn Crane, "Master Your Money, Accelerate Your Success"
We meet at The Corner Pub,Rt 206, Flanders, NJ; 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Please email me for more info.
August 2015:
Our book for August is "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.
Read my story!  
You can purchase a copy of Women Living Consciously, Book II on my website!  The price is $18 and includes tax and shipping in the US.
Read "My Seasons of Transformation" and join me on my journey from executive to entrepreneur!
If you are a member of a group who needs a speaker or can connect me with a group, please send me a note.
Deb Wilber is a coach, author, speaker and the owner of Real Life Spark, a coaching practice dedicated to Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!™  
Deb believes intuition sparks transformation and her practice is designed to inspire you to take small steps that lead to big changes in your life as you co-create a plan that makes your goals attainable.
Deb's journey is one of small steps and giant leaps of faith - from her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut to the achievement of her goal of entrepreneurship!
Dedicated to helping clients find their inner spark, Deb's authentic style - a blend of executive experience, intuitive knowledge, business education and coach training - complements her passion to inspire others.

Deb's Sparks!
Thank you for your kind notes and messages following the June newsletter about our journey with my mom and Alzheimer's.  The journey continues with some days better than others and the entire family (including Mom!) trying to figure out this disease. We wake up each day with renewed hope and strength to carry on.  It's challenging and we are leaning on each other for support.  We are also reaching out to the community and thankfully finding resources to assist us.  Thank you again for your continued support and love.
In other news, I have joined the Good Life team at Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life.  Yay!  The experts on the team provide tips, strategies and information for personal growth, improved health and self-empowerment.  It's been an incredible experience affording me the opportunity to write, provide tips and reach more people.  You can visit the main website here and my page here. You will find my article in the August edition on page 38 of the ezine entitled "A Fresh Start In Fall".
Wishing you peace, love and sparks!  Deb
Igniting YOUR Transformation! Honor Your Feelings!
A part of my Sunday Funday with my niece (see Tools You Can Use) was seeing the move "Inside Out".  What a great movie with lots of lessons for children of all ages!  I hope you find the time to see it.
As you meet the emotions (the characters) in the film, you fall in love with each of them: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. The main emotion was Joy and she was happy and inspiring and clearly saw the world through rose-colored glasses.  I love her!  As the story unfolds, she learns the lesson of the importance of all the emotions.  I won't give the story away but the lesson is a powerful one.  
As we left the theatre, I reflected on my experience with my own emotions.  And while I try to spend most of the time joyful, happy and inspired, the other emotions play an important role in our lives and we should honor them equally. How could we experience joy if we didn't know sadness?
Think about your emotions along your journey and be grateful for the opportunity to experience each one.  They are all part of your story and provide the fuel for your transformation.
Announcing a free webinar: "How to Create Your Unique Sales and Marketing Machine" to be held on Wednesday, August 19th at 8pmEST. This event is hosted by my friend Karen Flaherty of Living by Human Design!
The world of marketing seems like it’s changing daily. The ins and outs of social networking, online ads and the sheer volume of marketing we encounter on a daily basis is enough for some entrepreneurs to just throw up their hands and say "What now? How can I compete?"
So what’s the answer?  Maybe this is what you’ve been looking for… 

Here's what you'll learn in the webinar: "How to Create your Unique Sales and Marketing Machine":
How to find your life's purpose and finally make money doing what you love
How you can do business in a rapidly changing economy and how you can be in the flow of change (on the leading edge) with ease and grace
How you can make a difference AND a profit (and be authentic at the same time in your business and life).

Join Karen for an action-packed hour on Wednesday, August 19th at 8:00pm EST/7:00pmCST/5:00PST for a free teleseminar called "How to Create your Unique Sales and Marketing Machine".

Click here to register! 
Tools You can Use-Pay Attention and Sunday Funday!
To say I have been stressed lately is an understatement.  I try to manage the stress of my life and committments like everyone else, then my body sends me a sign to remind me to slow down.  
It happened this past Saturday, the day this newsletter was to be written and published (I am a just in time writer!). I was on my way to pick up my niece when I received a call from my Dad that traffic on my route was backed up.  As I ended the call, I realized my vision was obscured and I was having an ocular migraine.  Driving is not the ideal situation for an ocular migraine. I panicked, for a number of reasons, and continued driving for a few miles on a busy highway.  I called my sister and pulled over.  The good thing about ocular migraines is that they last only 30 minutes and don't typically come with a headache.
I spoke with my sister, and attempted to calm down.  I finally drove to a parking lot and sat in the shade for about 15 minutes and the migraine passed.  Now, I had to deal with the adrenaline rush and crash plus figure out if I was going to continue driving to pick up my niece.
We decided to wait until Sunday to meet to begin our annual Camp Aunt Debbie week and I decided not to write my newsletter on Saturday or Sunday.  I allowed my body and my spirit to recover on Saturday and then I filled it with Joy on Sunday as I picked up my niece and we had tons of fun together. Sunday Funday!
As I sit here early Monday morning writing, I knew I needed to share my experience as a reminder to pay attention to the signs.  My ocular migraine was a sign to slow down and rest.  And picking up my niece was a reminder to stop and smell the roses - have fun - enjoy life. You can write your newsletter tomorrow.  We can't always push our committments to the next day or week, but when you can, give yourself permission to be late or miss a deadline.  It will all work out.

“I want to say that I enjoyed your intuitive coaching workshop at last Friday's job club at CCM. It helped to answer some questions and opened my eyes to other solutions.”
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