FMCA News: Celebrate RV Friendships
FMCA News: Celebrate RV Friendships
The Mile Marker By FMCA
Dear RV Friend,
This month, we celebrate RV friends — the people we travel with, meet during our journeys, keep in touch with, consider part of our family. FMCA helps make those friendships sweet. Here’s just a few of the many ways...
Friends are found in FMCA’s 370-plus chapters. These groups are based on geographical area, common interest, or type of RV owned. 
Many RVers enjoy fun and camaraderie at FMCA events. These range from chapter rallies and area rallies to the twice-yearly international conventions. Registration currently is open for Peachy In Perry, FMCA’s 99th International Convention & RV Expo, March 13-16, in Perry, GA.
An FMCA membership also gives you access to the Stoppin Spots list, volunteers who are willing to provide help to FMCA members on the road. Think of it like an extended family to help you find local RV mechanical service or return your RV home if needed.
You also can find a community of FMCA members on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and RVillage, and don’t forget the FMCA Forums. Of course, and Family RVing magazine (available in print and digital editions) are members' trusted companions as well.
Whether to be social or lend a hand, FMCA can be your friend on wheels!

Happy Valentine's Day,

The FMCA Team
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Q.    What is FMCA University?
A.    FMCA University is a virtual library of RVing resources exclusively for FMCA members. There's more than 600 articles and videos to access on a variety of topics — anything from technical tips to trip ideas. Tell me more!
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How Do I?
How Old Are Your Tires? 

Did you know that all tires have their “birthdate” molded into the sidewall? This is especially important information when it comes to RV tires, because they tend to “age out” before they wear out. 

Reading Tire Age
Look for a string of characters that begins with the letters “DOT” and ends with four digits. The first two of those digits identify the week the tire was manufactured, starting with week “01” in January, and the last two digits denote the year. So, for example, a tire produced in the 3rd week (January) of 2016 would be labeled 0316. If the tire is mounted with the date facing inward, you’ll need to crawl under the RV to see it.

Age shouldn’t be the sole factor in determining when tires need to be replaced. Usage issues such as load, speed, inflation pressure, miles traveled per year, and maintenance also play a role. Tire manufacturers recommend that owners keep a close watch on their tires and have them inspected regularly by a qualified tire specialist. Any tires in service 10 or more years from the date of manufacture should be replaced with new tires, even if they appear serviceable and have not reached the legal wear limit.

Further Reading
Check out Michelin's RV Tire Guide for more info about service life. And, remember, FMCA members are eligible for discounts on Michelin, BF Goodrich, Continental, and Hankook tires through the FMCA Tire Savings Program.
Campground Savings
Passport America
Save $$$ On Camping Fees
Passport America

FMCA has a partnership with Passport America, a 50% discount camping club. FMCA members can purchase a reduced Passport America membership.

In addition, FMCA offers members other ways to save on camping fees:
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Why We Love FMCA
We are full timers. Coast-to-coast and all in-between, we can almost always have a friend in a fellow chapter member. Love our chapters!
Gary & Glenda Milner, F409834
FMCA Chapters
The FMCA family includes thousands of RV enthusiasts who, like you, not only have a zest for travel but also hobbies and interests off the highway. What better way to meet folks who share your “likes”? Learn more.
The Road To Perry: I-75 Guides
RVers traveling Interstate 75 in 2019 should consider adding a new travel companion: Along Interstate 75 by Dave Hunter. Now in its 19th edition, the guidebook maps out I-75 from Detroit to the Florida border. It helps travelers find free and interesting roadside attractions they might otherwise miss, as well as RV-friendly fuel stops and restaurants, and campgrounds close to I-75. Mr. Hunter and his team collect the information by driving the freeway and update the book every other year.
Also, if you're considering attending FMCA's convention next month in Perry, GA, click here for some interesting sight-seeing spots, conveniently accessible from I-75. A trip to the Peanut Monument, eh? 
Thor Motor Coach - 2019 Palazzo - Shop Now Don't want to pay for RV repairs in 2018? Learn How
Send Us Your RV Photos!
It's almost time for March Madness, the annual NCAA Division I Men's Basketball tournament. FMCA will hold its own version of this March competition via a photo contest! With warmer weather and greener grass oh-so close, we want to see your beautiful travel pictures of spring “springing." Submit your photos to by Feb. 28. A winner will be decided via a March Madness-style bracket next month — yes, the winner will receive a prize!
Winnebago Adventurer Motorhome MARVAC RV & Camping Show - Detroit, MI - Feb. 6-10, 2019
Travel Inspiration
Feeling those winter blues? Prepare to tackle that bucket list during your spring travels with a little inspiration from full-time travelers Gone With the Wynns and this video.
Meet Lauretta Hannon: FMCA Supersized Book Club 
In her book The Cracker Queen: A Memoir Of A Jagged, Joyful Life, Lauretta Hannon shares her poignant story of growing up “on the wrong side of the tracks” in middle Georgia. The best-selling book is filled with memorable characters, plenty of laughs, and lessons for finding joy in the midst of hardships. If you attend FMCA’s March convention in Perry, GA, you will have an opportunity to meet the author, who also is a newspaper columnist and National Public Radio contributor, as she joins us for the FMCA Supersized Book Club
RVer's Delight
Love Your RV Oven
Tips For Using A Convection Oven

Share a sweet treat with a friend this month. Whip up this small-batch recipe for Red Velvet Sugar Cookies.
And for other ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day, check out FMCA’s Pinterest

A little nervous about using your RV’s convection oven? Fear no more! The Getaway Couple has tips for baking in your RV’s convection oven! Watch the video.

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