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Canyon Ridge Resort
Local leaders have announced a new plan for for Lookout Mountain’s Canyon Ridge Resort. The planned project introduces a major branded, upper-upscale/luxury resort, conference center and spa to Northwest Georgia and the Chattanooga MSA that will attract regional, national and international visitors, according to Walker County Sole Commissioner Shannon Whitfield, Georgia State Senator Jeff Mullis and Robert Wardlaw, Chairman of the Walker County Development Authority, and Scenic Land Company President Duane Horton.
Walker County announced the $106 million dollar project will include 178 room upscale hotel, conference center, spa and infinity pool.
The Canyon Ridge Golf Course is already on site. The golf course will be renovated to go along with the development. 
The resort is targeting for fall of 2019 as an opening date. 

Five Questions with Walker County Commissioner Shannon Whitfield
1. What are the first things you do each morning when you begin your day at the office? 
There are hardly two days that are alike, but I usually start off by checking my e-mail to catch up on messages left over from the prior day. I then review my scope of appointments and tasks for the day, and try to avoid any new landmines while the day is still dawning.
2. Talk a little bit about your management style.  Is there someone who served as a great role model for you?
My management style is to give everyone the opportunity to do the right thing, letting team leaders manage their departments as they see best. 
I have received great support and information from Chairman Ted Rumley of Dade County, Sole Commissioner Jason Winters or Chattooga County and County Manager Carl Henson of Catoosa County. They have all made themselves available to me to answer questions and help in any way that they can.
3. What are the things that excite you most about your new role?
I’m most excited about being able to make a positive difference in my community. I now have the ability to be involved in the positive growth and development of Walker County. I am also pleased to be able to bring better communication and government transparency to the citizens.
4. You are the first commissioner in Walker County who has utilized various forms of social media to communicate with citizens.  Is there a social media platform that works better than the others for you?  And, how do you reach out to those who don’t have access to social media?
We can’t expect area media to be the only source sharing our message. We need to be proactive and provide a direct form of communication with our citizens. We have found facebook to be a very effective way to spread the word about what’s happening in Walker County. It may not make the 6:00 p.m. news, but thousands of residents view and engage with posts about codes enforcement, litter pick-up, animal shelter activities and other government functions.
I understand that not everyone is on Facebook. That’s why we utilize a number of other methods of communication. Along with visiting area community groups, my staff and I make appearances on various TV and radio programs. I also have a weekly television show on UCTV, where I share information and field questions at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. 
In addition, we moved the Commissioner meetings to 6:30 p.m. to encourage greater public involvement. We send out a monthly newsletter to residents and business owners who subscribe and hold “Lunch Conversation with the Commissioner” events at locally owned restaurants in Walker County too.  
5. If you could fast-forward to this time next year, what are some of the goals you hope to have accomplished?
By this time next year, I’m looking forward to operating in a balanced budget. I also anticipate we will have reduced the county’s debt. I’d like to provide better benefits for our employees and put a better system in place that will bring more organization and checks and balances in county government, as well.
Any thing else you’d like to add?
It has been an honor to serve in this role as the last Sole Commissioner of Walker County and I’m grateful for the support and prayers I have received from so many across our community.
Five Questions with Catoosa County Commission Chair Steve Henry
1. There’s so much activity going on in Catoosa County.  What are some of your top priorities?
My top priority is job creation.  So many good things flow out of job creation and improving our economic base.  Putting people to work allows us to accomplish my other priorities of keeping taxes low, keeping the good jobs we currently have, paving more roads, and offering more recreational opportunities to our citizens and visitors.  We need to make Catoosa County a work destination, and move away from being thought of as a bedroom community for other work destinations
2. What are some of the challenges Catoosa County faces?
We are blessed to have four major Interstate 75 exits located throughout Catoosa County.  However, we are a mountainous county and we are challenged with finding developable land that could house a facility on scale with Volkswagen or Kia.  That said, we do have plenty of 20-40 acre parcels of developable land along with military zone tax credits and other incentives. 
3. Point to some of the successes in Catoosa County that will provide a strong foundation for future efforts.
There is a manufacturing development underway in the Rollins Industrial Park in Ringgold.  The owners of the business told me they chose Catoosa County because of its easy access to the Interstate, and because they would be able to quickly deliver their products daily to the Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville, and Birmingham markets.  Our prime location and easy access to major and mid-major markets throughout the Southeast and beyond are the foundations we need to grow our private sector business base around.
4. How has your daily routine changed since you took office?  What was the biggest surprise?
I have learned very quickly that being the Chairman of the Catoosa County Board of Commissioners is not a part-time job.  I am logging almost as many work hours a week being a Commissioner as I am being a developer and home builder.  However, I would not trade this experience or opportunity to make Catoosa County better and stronger.  It is very gratifying to serve the citizens I have grown up with and worshipped with my entire life.
5.  If you could look five years into the future, what would you like to see in Catoosa County that would attract potential employers?
I would like to improve the number, size, and scope of healthcare options available to the citizens of Catoosa County and the Northwest Georgia region.  Too many of our citizens rely on the Chattanooga and Southeastern Tennessee market for their healthcare, and I think as Georgia residents we can do better.  I’m very encouraged by the new orthopedic / sports medicine facility being constructed along Battlefield Parkway.  I’m optimistic we can grow Catoosa County’s healthcare industry in the next five years.  Catoosa County has great schools, low taxes, livable and affordable cities, and fantastic citizens ready and eager to work.  If we add world class healthcare to the mix, the sky is the limit for Catoosa County.    
Investor Spotlight
Remco Equipment Sales & Rentals, Inc. was established in 1976 by Alvin Mashburn. The company started with just one machine. Through hard work and excellent customer service, Mr. Mashburn built Remco Equipment into one of the primary suppliers of quality construction equipment to the professional contractor in Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee.
Learn more about Remco Equipment Sales & Rentals, Inc by visiting their website,
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