New blog post from Matt Guidry, plus a video highlight reel!
New blog post from Matt Guidry, plus a video highlight reel!
Dear Friend, 
Teaching Artist Nora Montanez, a Latina TA with long black curly hair, smiles broadly as she holds an imaginary ball in front of her face.

Self Advocacy is (an) art

"Since the beginning of our Self-Advocacy classes in early July, we have been examining the expressions of the community, the individuals in our classes, to help us expand the characterization of Self-Advocacy to include more than just the ability to make one’s own life decisions, or take action to create change in one’s life," writes Upstream Arts Artistic Director and Co-Founder Matt Guidry. "What has been shared into the class space thus far gives a clear indication of where there are gaps in the discussions about Self-Advocacy: 

'I’m tired of the constant need to educate people on the things they don’t understand.'

'I want support staff to have a better understanding of me.'
'It feels like a job to teach you about me.'
'I want support staff to remember my goals, and validate my feelings.'

Together we are uncovering the next level of Self-Advocacy; negotiating personal relationships, maintaining balance in relationships, nurturing relationships, and holding people accountable."
Read more here in Matt Guidry's latest In Small Moments blog post, with video  highlight reel from our late 2020/early 2021 online classes for adults with disabilities!

"It's the highlight of my week."

Self-Advocacy classes for adults with disabilities are underway, and the feedback so far has been great! Want to try it? Drop in when you can - we'll be happy to see you when it works with your summer schedule.
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