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Live on September 16!
The Texas Heritage Music Foundation Presents The Texicana Mamas Celebrating Diez Y Seis, Hispanic Culture, and The Stories Behind Their Songs

Austin American Statesman: “The album’s songs are driven by character-rich stories that envelop readers like a novel.”

Folk Alley: "The Texicana Mamas is an album for our time, for it captures brilliantly the enduring beauty of small moments of our lives woven into a fraying social fabric in which love is the thread that holds the promise for unity and hope.” 

NASHVILLE, TN – September 8, 2020 –Tex-Mex trio The Texicana Mamas will host a 2-hour Facebook Live event on September 16 starting at 7:00 PM Central. Titled The Texas Heritage Music Foundation Presents The Texicana Mamas Celebrating Diez Y Seis, Hispanic Culture, and The Stories Behind Their Songs, the event will feature an hour of conversation between bandmates Tish Hinojosa, Stephanie Urbina Jones, and Patricia Vonne, discussing the making of the band and stories behind the music from their debut album, The Texicana Mamas. They will trace their history, from their first live performance at the historic Bluebird Café, to the recent release of their debut album. The second hour will be an open Q&A session with fans.

A special guest will join The Texicana Mamas for the second hour--
author and founder of The Texas Heritage Music Foundation, Dr. Kathleen Hudson. Her latest book, Corazón Abierto: Mexican American Voices in Texas Music (publisher: Texas A&M University Press), will be released on November 15. The book provides a wide view of the myriad contributions Mexican-American artists have made to music in Texas and the United States, and features interviews with Hinojosa, Urbina Jones and Vonne. 

September 16
8:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Central / 5:00 PM Pacific



The event is being presented by The Texas Heritage Music Foundation, and will also air live on its Facebook page.  The organization was founded in 1987 to preserve and perpetuate the traditions of Texas music, to examine the background of Texas music, to trace influences and patterns in Texas music, to document the role Texas music has played in society, and to provide free educational programming to the Texas community. 
This event will be produced by Philip Nelson, owner of Nelco Media, based in San Antonio, Texas. 

Additionally, The Texicana Mamas are proud members of the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) Texas Touring Roster. TCA has also lent its support to this streaming event. 

September 16, Diez Y Seis, is a celebration of the day Mexico declared its independence from Spain. Vonne explains, “The Texicana Mamas chose Diez y Seis because not only did we perform for the first time together the weekend of September 16th (2018) but we feel blessed that it commemorates the moment when our ancestors’ homeland in Mexico gained back their Independence. ¡Viva la Patria! Long live our homeland!”


The Texicana Mamas are Tish Hinijosa, Stephanie Urbina Jones and Patricia Vonne. Their self-titled debut album was released in August of 2020. The project features songs and production that take the best elements of two musical cultures in order to forge a vibrant bilingual fusion of Tex-Mex songs and stories.

Debuting at Nashville’s famed Bluebird Café in the fall of 2018, The Texicana Mamas have made special appearances at The Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington DC, and the Latinapalooza showcase at last year’s SXSW music festival.

Although the three women came to music by different routes, each is governed by a passion for storytelling and cross-cultural musical fusion. Clearly, The Texicana Mamas are greater than the sum of their parts. But so is the bi-cultural, groove-laden, genre-compounding, powerfully individual, and collectively joyful music that gets made when these three Texas women take the stage.

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Listen to The Texicana Mamas on NPR!


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