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Guitar Class Attracts Both Amateur and Experienced Musicians 

Each day during 5th period, six CAC students trade in their pencils and textbooks for guitars and picks. In its second year on the Mountain, Mr. Kaye’s guitar class is offering amateur and experienced musicians alike the chance to deepen their knowledge of notation, strumming patterns, chord progressions and more.
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Rachel Mina ('14)

Q&A with CAC Alumna Rachel Mina ('14) 

Rachel Mina ('14) graduated from Grand Canyon University with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Pre Law. She recently interned in the United States House of Representatives and currently attends American University Washington College of Law. 

Thanks for chatting with us! 
You're currently attending law school at American University Washington College of Law in Washington DC, but can you tell us what the journey was like from CAC graduation to where you are now?
My senior year of high school I knew that I wanted to play D1 soccer, so I was guest playing at different places throughout that year. It got to be January and I thought that it just wasn’t going to happen for me. A few weeks later I ended up guest playing at a tournament in Arizona, and Grand Canyon University asked if I wanted a scholarship to play soccer in Phoenix. I played four years of D1 soccer there and graduated in December 2017 with a major in Business Administration with a minor in Pre Law.

Was law school always part of the plan?
I was always interested in going to law school, so the spring of my junior year in college I started studying for my LSAT. The January after I graduated, I started an internship for Representative Tom O’Halleran from 1st District of Arizona on Capitol Hill in the Cannon House Office Building. I did the internship until June, took my LSAT in February, got accepted into law school and now that’s where I am. It’s all been sort of a whirlwind.

That’s incredible! Interning on Capitol Hill is a pretty big deal. How did you get connected with Tom O’Halleran, and what was your experience like working in his office?
The representative I interned for was relatively new – he was a freshman member. I got the internship back when I was living in 
Arizona, because normally they like to have interns who at least know a little bit about the state that they work for. Working in his office was really, really fun. I got to be in these important offices all day and it helped me realize how much of an impact each individual person made. The representative is supported by so many people.

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October 5, 2018. The North Little Rock and Pleasant Valley Elementary campuses, along with Rock Solid Elite at MGC Kids, donated enough supplies to fill 400 Christmas bags with toiletries, school supplies, treats and toys to benefit the Haiti Christian Development Project.
"Our family prayed for a safe place where our daughter could not only learn academics but be nurtured with God's love. We have found that and more at CAC!"
LaCinda Page Whittington
Parent, Facebook Recommendation
2018 Homecoming
We invite all CAC alumni to visit campus this Friday, October 19 at 6:30 p.m. for the crowning of our Homecoming queen, to watch the varsity Mustangs face off against the Lonoke Jackrabbits and to get a guided tour of the campus at halftime.
Check out this link for a schedule of events, a list of dress up days and more important info.
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Congratulations to the 7th grade volleyball team and coach Kelley Cowley for completing the 2018 season undefeated with a 9-0 record! 
We are so proud of you!
Congratulations to the JH volleyball team and coach Angela Kyle for completing the 2018 season as the 3A Central Conference Runner-Up! 
We are looking forward to watching you grow!
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