Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services, Inc.
Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services, Inc.
    Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services, Inc.              03/30/2021    
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C19 Vaccine
Vaccine Does Not Void Policies
It has been said on social media that life insures will not pay benefits to those who receive the vaccine and die. In response, the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) is pushing their message: Getting a COVID-19 vaccine will not void any life insurance policy death benefits. U.S. life insurance companies will pay a policyholder’s life insurance claims.
Life insurance policy contracts are very clear in what could cause the denial of a death benefit claim. The C19 vaccine is not one of them and nothing has changed in the claims paying process. 
Tax Solutions for Clients
Tax Solutions for Clients
Taxes are changing and most expect them to rise. Make sure client’s portfolios are protected now. You can help prepare them using life insurance strategies.
Two to focus on at this time are: Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) and Survivorship Standby Trust (SST). These estate planning solutions use life insurance for death benefit protection, tax advantages, access to income, and estate protection/liquidity.
Accelerated Underwriting
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Be There for Her

Be There for Her

Understanding the keys to building trust with your female clients is vital to the relationship. Providing sound guidance requires understanding the unique events that may impact women throughout their lives.
These unique events are the times they will need you most — to provide important financial insight during key moments in their lives. Our carriers have robust resources to help you connect and empower your savvy female clients.
In Case Things Change
For many, term insurance is a cost-effective and straightforward option. But for those with more long-term needs, it may not be the right fit. Life can take unexpected turns (cue flashbacks to 2020). When life throws curveballs, your clients’ budgets may also change. Are you certain that you are recommending a policy that fits within their current budget and has the ability to adapt in times of uncertainty?
With the recent passing of AG-49A and current market uncertainty, it has never been a better time to consider new IUL solutions that could meet their needs. 

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