FMCA News: Celebrate Friends-giving
FMCA News: Celebrate Friends-giving
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Dear RV Friend,
In this season of Thanksgiving, we pause to consider the blessings afforded to us by the RV lifestyle. Chief among them is the freedom to travel the continent, soak up all this beautiful land has to offer, and then fall asleep at night in our own bed. 
Traveling also opens our eyes to the lives of those around us, and for many it inspires the desire to give back. We realize how blessed we are, especially when we encounter people less fortunate.
Many ways exist for RVers to make a difference in the lives of others. Ideas could include working at a local soup kitchen, joining a community cleanup day, or pitching in at a Habitat for Humanity home build. Or, it could be making a monetary donation to a worthy cause.
Many times, you needn’t look far to discover ways —big or small — to brighten the lives of others. Opportunities often find us. We just need to be open to them.
Happy Thanksgiving! And special thanks to our veterans this month as we recognize Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the U.S.
Counting Our RV Blessings, 
The FMCA Team

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Why We Love FMCA: Chapters
This organization is absolutely amazing. We are relocating, and I reached out to find a chapter. I have already had two phone calls from chapters. They were both hugely helpful and a delight to talk with. I can't thank you enough for connecting us with them. 
—Bill & Pat Meyers, F276141
Photo: Sheila Hines, Tenn-Tom Travelers
The More The Merrier
FMCA has approximately 400 chapters that members can join based on geography or common interest such as type of RV owned. From weekend travelers to music lovers, there is a chapter for you. Search chapters now
How Do I?
Winterizing: Air vs. Antifreeze? 

Unless you’re one of the lucky RVers heading south this time of year, November’s cooler weather means it’s time to winterize your RV to protect it from freeze damage.

Winterizing deals primarily with the plumbing system. All water must be removed from holding tanks, water lines, and plumbing fixtures. Two methods are performed to winterize RV plumbing: using air pressure to blow moisture out of the system or pumping antifreeze through the water lines. 

Which should you use? The answer depends on where you live and the complexity of your RV’s plumbing system. Click here for step-by-step winterizing instructions. And watch this video from “RV Doctor” Gary Bunzer. 
Giving Is Sooo Much Better Than Receiving

For RVer Jason Winter, it may as well be Thanksgiving year-round. Every Friday the Hope Thru Soap founder loads up his rainbow-tinted bus with donated clothes and supplies, drives to Atlanta to fill up the 125-gallon tank with fresh water, and visits an area of Atlanta many would rather avoid.

Hope Thru Soap
Jason offers the homeless a shower, a fresh set of clothes, and a bite to eat. He knows he’s not going to solve homelessness, but if he can make someone’s day a little better, even for a short time, that is truly something for which to be thankful.

Click here  to visit the organization's Facebook page to learn more or to make a donation.

FMCA Clubhouse
RV Pet Monitoring
Ever worry about leaving your furry friends alone in your RV? The RV PetSafety monitor by Nimble can ease those concerns. It keeps track of the interior temperature of your RV in real time and works on a cell signal — no Wi-Fi needed. Receive alerts through text or email; a built-in battery acts as a power backup. FMCA members receive $40 off the cost of the device on a month-to-month plan and $60 off with the annual plan. Learn more.
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No Mail Worries
Snowbirds and others: Your Best Address, FMCA’s mail forwarding partner, stands ready to deliver your mail wherever you are. Have mail forwarded weekly, bimonthly, or on a custom schedule. Update your forwarding address anytime at no charge. FMCA members receive two months free when signing up for a year. South Dakota residency assistance and vehicle registration services also are available at reduced rates to FMCA members.
Get The "RV Basics"

Looking to increase your RVing knowledge? Attend FMCA's RV Basics course, March 10-12, 2019. In this 2 ½-day workshop, RV experts will cover RV maintenance and operation — great for new RVers or those who’d like a refresher.
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Campground Savings
Save With FMCA
Passport America


FMCA has a partnership with Passport America, a 50% discount camping club. FMCA members can purchase a reduced Passport America membership.
In addition, FMCA gives members other ways to save on camping fees:
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Go For A Test Drive
Dreaming of the RV lifestyle but not quite ready to go "all in"? It's a big decision; we get it — and so does Outdoorsy, the largest RV rental marketplace. Outdoorsy offers that "RV Test Drive" without a salesperson or the fancy finance terms. C'mon, go for it! 
Volunteer Match
Give Back 
Give thanks this season by paying it forward. VolunteerMatch connects folks with thousands of organizations dedicated to children, human advocacy, pets, literacy, community, and more. Choose from local or virtual causes.
Along the Way
Zion National Park
Top of the Watchman Trail —
Zion National Park, UT

Bob & Tracy Petzold, F463435
Custer South Dakota
Annual Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup — Custer, SD
Todd Towell, F2240D
RVers Delight
Gobble It Up
Thanksgiving à la Road

On the road for Thanksgiving? Grab your campsite neighbors and throw together a friends-giving party. Smaller turkeys bode well for your RV kitchen, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at cooking a turkey on the campfire
Give yourself at least 3 hours to roast an average sized turkey of 8-12 pounds. While the bird is cooking, place aluminum-foil wrapped sweet potatoes in the coals, complete with butter and topped with marshmallows. Round out your dinner with green beans or roasted brussels sprouts, and you’ve got Thanksgiving à la road.

If all else fails, we hear sliced deli turkey pairs great with pickles and mustard!

The Milne Family
FMCA members Mark & Maureen Milne, F44681, spend Thanksgiving in the California desert, a ritual Maureen affectionately calls "Turkey In The Dirt." 

Read their tips for cooking a Thanksgiving feast on the road.
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