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Saving the Lives of Veterans and First Responders with PTSD
July 2019  
Monthly Dog Updates
Check out what the dogs are up to! From outings with puppy parents, to new skills learned with their dog handlers, read the latest happenings on each dog page.

"Hey! Roofus here, back with another update. I'm so excited to share what I've been up to! Hanging out with my puppy parent family on the weekends is one of my favorite things to do. We go for nightly walks, to the dog park, and to the beach when the weather is nice. The staff say I behave like a professional with so much promise for service. I've been working on my skills to close doors and turn the light switch on and off. Plus, I get to learn how to put objects away, like a book back on the shelf. It's been so fun!"
Our Dogs

The New Life K9s Story

Have you heard how New Life K9s began? Watch part of Jack's speech from the service dog graduation at CTF. 
"So then Nicole showed up one day. People say, 'How do you get your people at the ranch?' They just show up...we don't know."

The Veteran Health Education Workshop

August 2nd • 12pm - 2pm • 1070 Southwood Drive
We'll be at this veterans beneficial workshop. The event is free for veterans and families and lunch is provided. For more information, call (805)-782-9101.
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Our July Thank You

Thank you to the Junk Girls for hosting a wonderful event and continuing to display the artwork afterwards! The Prison Art Exhibit put the word out there that inmate artists save lives.
Another thank you to everyone who made it out to support the cause, purchase artwork, and meet the team.

The original artwork is created by State of California inmates and donated to the program. You can purchase art and order custom pet portraits today.

New Life K9s

Saving Lives through the Healing Power of the Human-Canine Bond

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