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Row, Row, Row for a Reason

Saturday, July 14 – At 11:40 a.m. the heat index had surpassed 103 degrees and the Rowing Mustangs were gearing up for 20 minutes of a physically taxing rowing competition in the Maumelle Walmart parking lot.

The Rowing Mustangs, made up of CAC faculty and staff members Janice Northen, Coach Hayden Cruce, Coach Andy Stewart, Coach Patrick Smith, Coach Matt Hall and Carrie Vick, participated in the 2018 Arkansas SO Row Competition, a fundraising event benefitting Arkansas Special Olympics and hosted by CrossFit Maumelle. 

Click here to read the full story on our website and to find out how many meters the Rowing Mustang racked up!

Carter Shields

Q&A with CAC Alumni Carter Shields ('17) 

Join us as we ask Carter about his experiences this summer working in the Czech Republic
Thanks for chatting with us! You’re located in the city of Olomouc in the Czech Republic for the summer. What have you been up to? (And for those of us who are bad at geography, where exactly is that?)
The Czech Republic is in between Germany and 
Poland and is pretty much the “heart,” or center, of Europe. I’ve been in Olomouc since June 4th working with a non-profit Christian organization called Krízovatka, which, when translated into English, means “Crossroad.” Krízovatka’s target demographic is the youth and the university students of Olomouc and the surrounding villages, so we’ve hosted many different events like frisbee and football (soccer) games. Every Friday night we have “Klubjinak” which is “club differently” in which we host a Christian atmosphere hang-out event to try and counter the pretty intense party culture here. 
How did you get involved with Krízovatka?
I knew of Mitch Anderson, the man who runs 
Krízovatka, because he is one of my home church’s (Pleasant Valley) supported missionaries, but I got here through Harding’s missions program called Global Outreach. They wanted one intern for the summer in Olomouc and I signed up to go.
We’ve seen you post on Instagram about an English Camp. Can you talk to us about what it is and what it’s been like?
English Camp is basically just like summer camp in America, but we also taught English classes twice a day. We went hiking, swam, played sports and just enjoyed nature. We also had a Christian program once a day in which members of the team shared testimonies from their lives that fit with the theme for the day, and it was really powerful. 
We’ve also seen you post about learning Czech. That’s awesome! What was that process like? What are some words you’ve learned?
Czech is the hardest language I’ve ever tried to learn; they have sounds that my mouth has never attempted to make before and that makes 
it pretty difficult. However, I can get by with the basic greetings and farewells, and most importantly, I can order at a restaurant. My favorite word is “Káva,” which is coffee. I would not survive without that word. 
Click here to read the full interview on our website. 
July 10, 2018. The annual Uniform Consignment Sale was a great success - over 900 items were sold! We loved seeing the atrium filled with CAC gear and so many people getting great deals. Thanks to all who participated, volunteered and donated!
"We moved to Little Rock and it was just me, my mom and my sister. It was just chance that she picked CAC. But I really think that was God putting us with a family when we didn't really have a ton of family around."
Sarah Whitesell
Class of 2012 
Watch the fourth video in The CAC Mentor Series featuring Sarah Valero Whitesell and Lynnette Noble. 
"There is incredible value in learning new things, experiencing new places and talking to new people. Each year, CAC secondary students are given the opportunity to do all three of those things through school-sponsored spring break trips."  
The website now has a Global Studies Page! CAC Mustangs travel across the world together and we are pumped to be able to share their experiences with everyone.
Click here to view the CAC Global Studies Page.  
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CAC baseball coach Patrick Smith was named Conference Coach of the Year for the 2017-2018 season. Coach Smith, we're thankful for the way you've served CAC in the last year and we look forward to the future!  
Spring All-State Round Up
The following students received All-State honors following the 2018 Spring athletic season. Congratulations to everyone!
Claire Vest
Alli Johnson
Girls Soccer:
Carson Swede
Riley Sullivan
McKenna Moore
Chloe Lambert
Lauren Johnson
Boys Soccer:
Chris Rawlins
Levi Smith

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