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In this issue: How to find your local PSI test center and what to expect regarding testing locations.
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Ready to find out where your new test center will be once the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE® ) migrates to PSI? You can now view an initial list of locations that will offer the ARE.
Find Your Test Center
As you view this list, please keep in mind:
Not all test centers are run by PSI. PSI collaborates with a network of independently operated test centers providing you more testing opportunities—this is why conducting an online search for PSI test centers may not show you all available options. All test centers that offer the ARE meet NCARB and PSI’s onsite exam delivery standards.
Most jurisdictions have more test centers with PSI than with Prometric. All but two U.S. states and territories will have equal to or more locations than are currently available. Candidates will continue to have the ability to test online with PSI.
NCARB and PSI are still adding new test centers. This list is provided as an early resource to help you begin to understand the location of test centers that will be available when delivery of the ARE migrates to PSI. Specific locations are subject to change as additional locations become available or specific locations within cities relocate.
Once NCARB migrates to PSI, you’ll be able to search for local test centers that offer the ARE when scheduling an exam. To ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information, the PDF list of test centers will not be available after the migration, and the information on any downloaded versions of the PDF list will be considered out-of-date.
International delivery will continue in all countries where the ARE is currently delivered. NCARB is committed to maintaining access to the ARE for candidates pursuing careers abroad. PSI will have test center locations that support ARE delivery in all countries where candidates are currently taking the ARE. International candidates will continue to have the option to test online with PSI.

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