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You're receiving this eMail because you're directly connected to Dr. Arlene
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WIN Without Competing! with the Right Fit Method
Boardroom Seminars
for Executive Leaders
Plan Ahead 
 Invest in Yourself  & Boost your Brand
 Put the Professional Pieces in Place for 2015 

Dr. Arlene, creator of the Right Fit Branding Strategies , introduces Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders to embrace a unique mindset and branding strategy toolbox to achieve unparalleled success.

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Select the Seminar(s) that are the Right Fit for YOU:

Seminar 1: Corporate Entrepreneurship for Executive Leaders
What is a Corporate Entrepreneur? (popularly referred to as an "intrapreneur")
Intrapreneurs function inside a company as entrepreneurs carving out their own domain through creative planning. In some instances, intrapreneurs create a company within a company. In either situation, intrapreneurs can assume the executive leadership role.
Even though intrapreneurship is prevalent in technology companies and other industries, the function is not common in all industries and professions. Intrapreneurship is an unseen opportunity! Becoming an intrapreneur is an exciting solution for internal growth within a company with minimal risk, decreasing the need to change jobs frequently or seeking external entrepreneurial adventures.
The seminar will focus on:
  • Mastering the mindset of the Right Fit.
  • Designing your distinctive, intriguing, and recognizable intrapreneurial brand.
  • Carving out your intrapreneurial domain.
  • Creating a plan to capture that domain using Right Fit Branding Strategies.
Leaders often assume that they need to change positions for career advancement. Not necessarily so. Corporate entrepreneurship could be the Right Fit solution for YOU. It's all in the execution!
Seminar 2: Solo Entrepreneurship for CEOs
Solo entrepreneurs are the self-appointed CEOs of their business. Success is dependant upon their ability to be highly disciplined,  focused, and strategic. Even if they hire a few employees or contractors, they are the drivers of their business.
The seminar will focus on:
  • Mastering the mindset of the Right Fit.
  • Evaluating your current business brand, including its uniqueness, effectiveness, and consistency.
  • Creating a new brand, as needed.
  • Determining the stage of evolution of your business, using Dr. Arlene's Staging Scale to identify next steps.
  • Designing a plan for success, using Right Fit Branding Strategies.
Many solo entrepreneurs feel stuck and don't know what to do next. This seminar will empower YOU and provide the branding strategic toolbox to forge ahead!
Seminar 3: Solutions for Executive Leaders in Limbo
Many executive leaders are in limbo. Some accepted positions that appeared to be the Right Fit, others captured Right Fit positions that turned into Wrong Fits. And then there are those who fled! Some needed to flee; others did not. Many have experienced health problems associated with high stress Wrong Fit positions. Knowing how to prevent as well as manage Wrong Fit positions is critical to the survival of executive leaders.
The seminar will focus on:
  • Mastering the mindset of the Right Fit
  • Selecting the Right Fit position using Dr. Arlene's Blended Blueprint and Pick, Probe & Pitch Broadcast.
  • Reducing the risk of a position turning into a Wrong Fit, using Right Fit Branding Strategies.
  • Determining if a current Wrong Fit position can be fixed and laying out the strategies to fix it.
If you are currently in a Wrong Fit position, left a Wrong Fit position, or unsure how to avoid a Wrong Fit position, this seminar is the Right Fit for YOU!
Who should attend Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders?
If  YOU are:
  • Contemplating what to do next with or without the current employer.
  • Pursuing executive leadership positions with limited or no success.
  • Performing the role & function of an executive leader without the right title or compensation.
Seminar Location
The Seminars will be held in The Boardroom of the Westwood Corporate Offices of barro global search, inc., adjoining UCLA.

The Tower
10940 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1600
Los Angeles, CA 90024

All registrants will receive an email prior to the seminar with parking information.
Unable to travel to this location? Dr. Arlene has the solution!
She will be arranging tele-seminars for those who are unable to attend, as well as individual phone consultations. 
Please eMail Dr. Arlene to inquire about the seminars, tele-seminars, or   consultations.
To arrange a time to speak with Dr. Arlene, call her office at
(310) 443-4277
Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Payment due 7 calendar days prior to the Seminar.
The cost per seminar is $250 for each 3-hour seminar which is scheduled for Tuesday or Saturday.
You can pay "barro global search, inc." on PayPal or by check for each 3-hour seminar.  
If you pay on PayPal, please mail your receipt to and include your cell number, seminar title, selected date & time.
If you are mailing  a check, please make the check payable to "barro global search, inc.". Be sure to include on check  your cell number, seminar title, selected date & time. Mail your check to:

barro global search, inc.
10940 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1600
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Attending more than one Seminar? Please pay for each one separately.
Seminar Style
Dr. Arlene designed the Boardroom Seminars to facilitate interaction among the participants .
Be sure to register early to reserve your seat at the Table.
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Dr. Arlene R. Barro

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