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Photo: Shannen Doherty

As seen on TV

Greatings, Bluejays.
Since it’s summer, we decided to let our feathers down for this edition of Bluejay Bites.  
We begin with a tale from … the ’90s. That time in 1996 when 17 million people saw Creighton’s campus on primetime TV. It was, in its own weird way, one of the biggest moments in Creighton’s history. Beverly Hills, 90210’s Shannen Doherty was there. Read more.
Photo: Billy Bluejay alumni

Behind the beak

In last month’s Bluejay Bites, we shared the definitive history of Billy Bluejay (Reminder: I am Billy Bluejay). This month, we’ve got the sequel. We spoke to a handful of Creighton alumni who played the Billy Bluejay mascot over the years about how the experience changed their lives. Spoilers: Playing Billy led to at least one marriage. It started another alum down the path of working with Dave Matthews Band. Read more.
Photo: Creighton CWS team

Season of dreams

To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Creighton's first and (so far) only CWS appearance, we caught up with several players to talk about the magical season that finally fulfilled the dream “to play in June.” As one former player said, “It felt like the whole stadium was Creighton fans. Even 30 years later, just … goosebumps.” Read more.

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