Dear friends and colleagues, 
This is our favorite time of year. And, not just because of the holidays.
It’s because the Census releases new neighborhood-level data in December.  That means we get to update the 16,200 data points in our Neighborhood Profiles!
We also love this time of year because we get to use our (nationally renowned) method for lightning fast data updatesCensus API for data downloading, Google Sheets for analysis, and Google Scripts/Ajax for publishing. 
By combining these technologies, what took 5 people over a year to do in 2001, now takes us only one week. 

So check it out, and enjoy the holidays!

Bringing you the data you need to make informed decisions,
The Data Center team
Bernardo Espinosa, Allison Plyer, Caroline Heffernan, Dabne Whitemore, and Keisha Smith

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