A New Quarterly Newsletter
A New Quarterly Newsletter
Summer 2018 Newsletter
Advancing Research, Scholarship, and Creative Endeavor


It is my pleasure to introduce the inaugural Notre Dame Research newsletter.
Our intent with the newsletter, which will appear approximately quarterly, is to inform readers about the excellent and diverse scholarly accomplishments of the faculty, students, and staff at the University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame is called to be a “force for good” and in this newsletter we will highlight interesting examples of our pursuit of knowledge and discovery that illustrate the distinctiveness of our mission.
Bob Bernhard
Specifically, this newsletter will highlight scholarly activities that answer profound questions, pioneer new frontiers of society, science, and engineering, and illustrate the application of knowledge to complex problems, as well as how the University serves humanity, with a special preference for the poor and vulnerable and for the protection of our world’s natural gifts. We hope you will find this newsletter an interesting summary of Notre Dame’s rapidly growing programs of research and scholarship.
I welcome your reactions and suggestions at rbernhar@nd.edu.
Bob Bernhard
Vice President for Research
University of Notre Dame


Notre Dame to Lead Multi-University Research Center Developing Next-Generation Computing Technologies

The Applications and Systems-driven Center for Energy-Efficient integrated NanoTechnologies (ASCENT), under the directorship of Suman Datta, aims to increase the performance of computing systems while reducing costs for both commercial and defense applications. Led by Notre Dame, ASCENT comprises 20 faculty members from 13 of the nation’s leading research universities, including Cornell University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. Read more >> 

Researchers Discover Novel Mechanism Linking Changes in Mitochondria to Cancer Cell Death

As detailed in findings published by Nature Cell Biology, Notre Dame researchers, including cancer biologist Zachary Schafer and his graduate student Mark Hawk, discovered that the activation of a specific enzyme may help suppress the spread of tumors by decreasing the number of mitochondria in a cell, causing oxidative stress that can potentially kill cancer cells. Read more >> 

Study Points to Fertility as a Leading Economic Indicator

Many research studies have shown that when the economy does well, people have more babies, and when the economy does poorly, they give birth less. Notre Dame economists Kasey Buckles and Daniel Hungerman, however, have discovered something unique in their research — people appear to stop conceiving babies several months before recessions begin. Read more >> 

Engineered Polymer Membranes: A New Option for Water Treatment

According to the UN, water scarcity affects nearly two billion people — the critical point of water scarcity has led scientists to look for new and efficient ways to make the most of nontraditional sources, including seawater, brackish water, and wastewater. William Phillip and chemical and biomolecular engineers at the University of Notre Dame and Purdue University are engaged in research to advance water treatment technologies with self-assembled block polymer membranes. Read more >> 

New Molecules Created at Notre Dame to Reduce Cost, Environmental Impact of Mining Precious Metals

Biochemist Bradley D. Smith and other researchers at the University of Notre Dame have invented a new class of molecules that can be used to simplify the process used for capturing precious metals including gold, platinum, and palladium. Read more >> 

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