See how this Barcom customer turned the warehouse around with RFID tech
See how this Barcom customer turned the warehouse around with RFID tech
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RFID Technology Earns Its Keep

Download our latest customer case study and learn how one company drastically improved their inventory process with the addition of RFID technology in the warehouse. 
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Advantages of RFID in your warehouse, factory or DC

  • Process efficiency – automates the data collection process, reduces errors.
  • Improves productivity – workers operate ‘hands free’ for easy multi-tasking & safety.
  • Controls costs – fewer errors and correct, on-time shipments.
  • Increased visibility – real-time information at your fingertips so you know what you've got when you need it.

Learn more in our latest RFID blog article.

Avoid Chargebacks with auto-dimensioning solution!

Honeywell's new AutoCube 8200 Fixed Dimensioning System gives you fast, accurate dimensions vs. a manual calculation.  Reduce throughput bottlenecks and satisfy space optimization requirements. 3D depth sensing technology automatically captures the dimensions for you! Enable more storage space, smoother workflow and load planning optimization.

The latest innovation in handheld scanning

Fast, accurate scanning, light weight, easy to grip – now more environmentally friendly!  The new Xenon 1902g-bf Battery-Free Wireless Area-Imager Scanner from Honeywell is powered by super-capacitors, making it capable of scanning over 450 barcodes on a single charge, and can be recharged in less than 60 seconds via a powered USB port! Now that’s friendly.  See for yourself how cool this new battery-free scanner really is.  
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