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Michael Buckley

Hormone Solutions Update March 2015

Dear Dr Customer

This month Lawley Pharmaceuticals announced the launch of CheckYourBalls, a men's health initiative to raise awareness of Klinefelter's Syndrome (KS). KS is a genetic disorder which affects one in 450 males, with up to 70% of men undiagnosed. The most tell-tale sign of KS is very small underdeveloped testes. Testicular size is a topic not widely discussed by the average male! KS can greatly impact the quality of life of those men affected because KS men produce little testosterone.Through doctor educations and via a public health campaign we hope to increase awareness within the medical community so that KS males can access testosterone replacement therapy in a timely manner. Within Australia a media campaign will occur to identify the largenumbers of KS men who remain undiagnosed. If successful we plan to make the campaign global. See below for more information.
The International Menopause Society has produced an informative series of videos for women in transition through menopause. The videos are available on YouTube and can be accessed by women around the world. The information provided is both current and informative. Links to the videos can be found below.
Our UK customers now have the option to order AndroFeme, AndroForte and Profeme directly from Central Pharmacy in London. To order from Central Pharmacy a valid UK prescription is required. Details for Central Pharmacy can be found below.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly via email at
Yours sincerely
Michael Buckley
Medical Director   
CheckYourBalls is a health initiative from Lawley Pharmaceuticals to help raise awareness of Klinefelter's Syndrome. The website contains a wealth of information including signs of KS, diagnosis of KS and what treatment options are available. This website is also a great resource for boys, men and parents of children that have been diagnosed with Klinefelter's Syndrome. A KS information  booklet available for downloading. If you, or someone you know, may have KS please view the website.
New UK Ordering Option
Central Pharmacy in London is now stocking AndroFeme, AndroForte and ProFeme for our customers in the UK. 
Here are the contact details for Central Pharmacy London.
Tel: 020 77949326
Address: 223 West End Lane, London, NW6 1XJ
*To order through Central Pharmacy a valid UK prescription is required.* 
Quality Menopause Information For Women
The International Menopause Society has collaborated with three of the world's top experts in menopause to create a series of YouTube videos for women across the world to access. There are seven videos in the series with topics ranging from HRT to how menopause may affect a womans sex life. Click here to view the videos.
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CheckYourBalls Campaign
New UK Ordering Option
Quality Menopause Information For Women
Klinefelter's Syndrome (KS)
Customer Feedback
Klinefelter's Syndrome (KS) - Too Often Overlooked
KS is the most overlooked cause of androgen (testosterone) deficiency. A recent article in Endocrinology Today highlights the low rate of diagnosis of KS with up to 70% of men remaining undiagnosed.   Read more.... 
At Hormone Solutions we love to hear feedback from our customers. We recently received this email:
Without your womens testosterone product I would have lost my husband, my happy marriage and virtually my mind with the symptoms your product gives relief from. K.L. - USA
What a great result!
You can read the full email here
Our international shipping agent, ILS Ltd, have continued to provide a wonderful service and the feedback from customers has been full of praise for their attention to detail.

"... Saul (at ILS) has provided great service and amazing fast shipping (may even be faster than Lawley). An outstanding product from an outstanding manufacturer, distributed by a customer service-driven company: a formula for success and happy customers of which I am one. Thanks Saul and continued success. — Hugh (Florida)"

Canadian Online Ordering
Our international shipping agent does not ship to Canada. For Canadians wishing to order online please  click here or on the flag and goods will be shipped direct from Australia.
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