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A picture of HBWI partner and HDP board member Gary Marhsall looking out over his ranch.
Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partner Gary Marshall looking out over his field. The pictures, like the one above, from the recent Audubon magazine article are fantastic. 
Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative Featured in Audubon Magazine
Audubon magazine published a story this month called "How Malheur Became the Epicenter of Community-Led Conservation," which discusses the work of the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative (HBWI). Emma Marris, the article's author, describes how the Mahleur National Wildlife Refuge provides an example of the "a growing trend of joint rancher-conservationist initiatives." The story features many of our partners in HBWI including USFS fish biologist Linda Beck, Portland Audubon conservation director Bob Sallinger, and rancher and business owner Gary Marshall. It is a great story and the pictures are amazing. Be sure to give it a read!
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High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
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August 23rd
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August 30th
Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative Meeting (tentative)
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The Harney County Restoration Collaborative discussing conifer encroachment.
The Harney County Restoration Collaborative (HCRC) looking out over Crooked Creek Meadow and trying to stay in the shade to keep cool during the Flat Project field tour this month. 
Travis Swaim presented the group with a comparison between historical aerial photos and current ones.

A Lively Flat Project Field Meeting
This month, the Harney County Restoration Collaborative (HCRC) met out in the field to look at some of the projects being proposed by the Forest Service on the Flat Project. Travis Swaim, USFS silverculturist and project lead, presented four projects to the group some of which were controversial for various reasons. In the picture to the left the group was discussing a proposal to remove a stand of lodgepole pine that had not historically existed in the area. Trees in the stand were dying because of beetle infestation and there was debate in the group over whether the stand should be removed or left to die and fall to the same effect. The group also discussed the possibility of planting and fencing riparian hardwoods following conifer removal, the temporary loss of stream shading, and leaving conifers for bank stabilization. One of the strengths of HCRC is the groups ability to listen to each other and consider each others viewpoints. Great conversations are generated as a result. The group reached a consensus and decided to move forward with this treatment. The group will meet in the field again next month. The location and purpose of the tour are still being determined. 
A view from the air of Harney County during the spring.
Integrated Water Planning in Harney County
The Harney County Watershed Council (HCWC), one of our partners in the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative, was awarded a grant from the Oregon Water Resources Department to lead place-based integrated water resources in Harney County. HCWC was one of four pilot areas selected from sixteen different sites. HCWC will be supporting a locally initiated and led collaborative. Through this approach, HCWC hopes to create positive relationships between individuals who value water differently and allow them to create a shared vision for the future. Water is becoming an increasingly pressing issue, especialy with the effects of climate change. Through this process, stakeholders will be able to address these issues before they become critical. HCWC has created a handout about the process, which you read to find out more information about place-based integrated water planning. 
Harney County Fair
Fair Time is Fast Approaching!
It is that time of year again and the Harney County Fair is fast approaching. We will be having a booth at the fair again this year and we would love it if you would come and visit us! Our booth will feature information about collaboration as well as our initiatives. We will have lots of little freebies and maybe even a raffle item! Do you have any questions about who we are or what we do? Then come by and chat with us! The fair runs from September 6th to the 11th! Hope to see you there!
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