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June 7, 2016
Getting past setbacks.
Bend a metal paper clip out of shape and it stays bent. Pull and release a rubber band and it snaps right back into shape. This is a simple way to think about resilience. It’s how quickly and fully you bounce back from stressful experiences such as serious illness, relationship problems and loss.
Because we’re human and not rubber bands, resilience can take time—and some positive thoughts and actions. These tips are just some of the ways to rebound from life’s setbacks and nurture your well-being:
  • Stay close. Strong family ties and friendships give you support you need in stressful times and can help you recover.

  • Tackle it. If an issue requires you to make decisions, do it. Try not to let a problem sit or just hope it fades away. 

  • Write it down. Keeping a journal of your feelings and thoughts may help you “get it out” on paper and start a plan to turn things around.

  • Meditate. Prayer or quiet reflection may help calm your spirit and rebuild your emotions during stressful events.

Your ParTNers EAP provides no cost, confidential support on your journey to greater resiliency—24/7. Call today at 1.855.Here4TN (1.855.437.3486) Learn 10 ways to increase your resiliency today.

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