A View from the Board
February 2019
The following is the first in a new series of monthly messages from the RVR Master Association Board. The messages summarize recent Board decisions and discussions, and are designed to bring RVR homeowners up to date on issues important to the community.


Dear RVR Homeowners,

Since the summer of 2018, the Board has been addressing golf course concerns that could impact our community. The golf course has been the subject of much of our recent communication to the RVR community.

Addressing possible future golf course concerns remains front and center, but there are many other important issues on the Board’s agenda. That’s why, beginning today, we’re kicking off a series of monthly communications, designed to provide more information about community news we think you’ll be interested in.

While the golf course is currently under new ownership and new management, the Board is still working diligently to gather information to guide any future decisions the community may need to make with regards to the course. The Board on Jan. 23 accepted the final report from Billy Casper Golf, our consultant; at that meeting, we also approved a consulting agreement with DHM Design to look at the benefits and consequences of open space options.

Last week, you should have received an email with a link to the complete Casper Golf report. If you didn’t receive that e-mail, please contact us at: GolfQuestions@rvrcommunity.com


Here are other significant discussions that took place at the Jan. 23 Board meeting:

Violations and Fine Schedules: When we all close on our property purchase at RVR, we agree to live by the community’s governing documents. To make sure that residents are respectful of the rules, the Board feels a need for better policies that address issues such as recreational vehicles, trailers, trash, trampolines, and community nuisances, etc. General Manager Sterling Page and the Board are beginning conversations on this issue.

Short-term vacation rentals: There are roughly 10 VRBO rentals within RVR. While that’s not a huge number, short-term vacation rentals can have an impact on the community – depending on the behavior of the renters. Because the short-term occupants of these homes are not owners and are unfamiliar with RVR’s rules and community standards, we are concerned about renters not complying with existing RVR rules. Among the concerns: parking, noise, and trash. At the heart of the short-term vacation rental discussion: what kind of community do we want RVR to be? And, do you want short-term revolving renters as your neighbors? The Board is considering putting out a community survey, to better understand how the community feels about short-term rentals.   

Employee Handbook: The Board and RVR management are working to update our employee handbook, to make sure we consistently apply all employment policies to our staff. We really appreciate the help we’re getting from long-time RVR resident Cathy Cooney, a retired Human Resources executive. Cathy helped write the original employee handbook many years ago. And now, with Cathy’s help, we hope to have the revised handbook in place over the next few months. It will be helpful to staff, and to management.

Information Technology Task Force: The RVR computer systems are showing their age. We’ve been looking for ways to improve our computing systems, including streamlining ease of use for homeowners. We really appreciate the help we’ve been getting from RVR resident techies Hugh Sontag, RJ Spurrier, and Laura Hanssen. They’ve been working closely with members of our management team -- GM Sterling Page, Community Services Manager Kendra Ford, and Accountant James Maguire -- to define cost-effective solutions. We’ll look forward to their recommendations.


If you’d like to weigh in on these topics – or any others – we’d love to have you join us at our Board meetings. The next one is on Feb. 20, in the Ranch House Board meeting room. Hope to see you there.

On behalf of your volunteer RVRMA Board,

Yvonne Perry
Board President


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