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January 19, 2016
Heat up your weight loss efforts.
You know that along with a healthy diet, exercise can help you lose weight. And any activities that get your heart rate up can help melt off extra pounds. These tips can add some extra oomph to your activities and help you trim down:
  • Rev up your walk. Turn your walking routine up a notch by increasing your speed from time to time. Try powerwalking or light jogging for 30 seconds. Then walk a few minutes. Repeat these intervals for the duration of your activity time.

  • Sprint the stairs. At work, home or in the stands at a local high school track, climb the stairs. Make sure to wear proper shoes. Try moving quickly or stepping up two stairs at a time to challenge your workout.

  • Jump rope. Start by aiming for five to 10 jumps in a row. Rest a few seconds, then jump some more. Repeat this jump-rest cycle for a 10-minute activity period.   

  • Build strength. Fuel your calorie-burning furnace with activities that tone and build muscles such as lifting free weights or doing lunges and wall or floor push-ups.
A Food, Weight and Exercise Tracker can help you keep an eye on your weight goal. And, they’re only a click away. Sign in to your Well-Being Account to set up your tracker today.

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